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  1. Thursday @ Oxygen Lounge: ROBBIE RIVERA...

    and by the way, just in case you were wondering... Maurice Joshua won the 2003 Grammy for Best Remix production for his remix of Beyonce featuring Jay-Z "Crazy In Love"
  2. Thursday @ Oxygen Lounge: ROBBIE RIVERA...

    yes the stupid door guys at oxygen can be a problem, but the worst part about this post is that Robbie Rivera never won a Grammy... Kylie Minogue "Come Into My World" won the Grammy in 2003 for best dance recording... Yes, Robbie did to a remix of that song, but it did not win a Grammy, the original track won the award. Nor did Robbie win a DanceStar Award... He was nominated in 2004 for best Producer, but Murk took home that award. Get your facts straight before making a flyer... This makes everyone involved look stupid!