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  1. Paris Hilton's Little Hacked Book?

    Damn it man... Ashley Olsen aready changed her digits!! I missed my chance to make her love me lol MegaClubKid "Where's the Party at?"
  2. Spirit - Nyc - Thurs. Feb. 24th

    Problem with that is... The ID's cost about 15 - 25 bucks... and you have to go somewhere sketchy like China town or something... It only costs $15 to get in anyways without College ID! or go on the Spirit website, sign up on the guest list and get in for 10 bucks... It's all good for me... I got my NYU ID I haven't gone to class in weeks but they don't know that! lol MegaClubKid "Where's the Party at?"
  3. Spirit is FREE this THURSDAY!

    It's Free because it's the first Thursday... Shit man, only in NYC; when you complain about high club prices... then complain when they listen. I don't know about you... Me? I'm gonna take me cheep ass over there and get slammed! MegaClubKid "Where's the party at?
  4. Imagine Tiesto spinning at your wedding!!! You'de have to be a BIG willy! or have a HUGE budget. Will you give up your Vera Wang Dress to have Tiesto spin??? You'de have to wear 'off the rack' OMG lol
  5. Spirit - Nyc - Thurs. Feb. 24th

    It's all good. Tons of ppl have checked out this thread. Everyone wants to see him back in the city. Denny's gonna BLOW it up! The haters can sit home and hate! I'll be at the Party! -MegaClubKid
  6. What was everyone thoughs on BORIS!

    Was that last night? How was it??? I haven't seen him in a while. There has been SO much going on latley, it's hard to choose.
  7. Avalon Last night

    The girls gone wild thing sucked... They should have just done Vicious & Draper... Their names are big enough to pull a crowd. The GGW prob. chased ppl away!
  8. I don't think they're open Sunday...
  9. Denny Tsettos @ SPIRIT {Thurs. Feb 24th}

    Yeah, I've been there before... in September NYU lounge down on Sullivan & W. 3rd The line was down the block! Hot NYU & FIT girls. I hope they "Follow" him to Spirit Thursday!!!
  10. The Officially WORST Club in NYC is....

    I've been there before... I don't remember it being bad. maybe it was the night you went. I was in the mood to hear good Hip-Hop... so it was good. Then again, It def can't compare to Marquee! What kind of mood were you in?
  11. Avalon Hollywood this Saturday February 19th

    What's the crowd like at Avalon? Has anyone been there lately? MegaClubKid
  12. I'd prob get someone from NYC... Somebody commercial enough to play house that you can dance to. I can't break out my glow sticks, take a hit and dance to some deep trance at my wedding! So I'd go with a Louie Devito. or maybe Skribble because he can play House and Hip-hop! as long as he doesn't try and bang my bride! lol -MegaClubKid Danny "Where's the Party at?"
  13. Jonathan Peters Pool Party Announcement!

    A bunch of us may drive from NY. It will be my first WMC! Should I be this excited?
  14. Death of the Sound Factory (1995)

    WOW what a Thread!!! OMG Very nice!! Either you have an Amazing memory or you keep a VERY detailed journal! -That's what this site is all about! MegaClubKid!
  15. Spirit - Nyc - Thurs. Feb. 24th

    Denny back in the Twillo building? I think this will be hot! no, no... I KNOW this will be hot! I'll be there! Nice job Spirit... MegaClubKid