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  1. Is this true, or not? !!!!

    If its true this kid needs to have his ip address banned, its not right!!!!!!!!!
  2. Cp Dancers meet up @ Hobar For DT

    Roxy Stage Crew reunion. Look for me with CP namebadge!
  3. Slouch Mix

    who's got the g? I'm gonna slip some in Sasha's drink and bang him to this mix!
  4. Who do you think Pacha73 really is??

    ustinklikefart i loved that guy
  5. slopes...

  6. 1 million posts!!!

    Oh man, thats great! :laugh:
  7. "My fiance"

    I think she wants to get with you bro!
  8. "My fiance"

  9. Visiting Boston

    oh no, eddie, just stop bro. Sal Parm for life!
  10. New Years

  11. 4 degrees

  12. Yes it is, and I dont understand why its such a big deal. Paradise garage really didnt contribute much to the scene except for drugs and sex