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  1. TKC Track ID !

    What song did TKC close out with Sat nite/Sun Morning at Crobar? There was about 120 people there it was DEAD !
  2. Ray you coulda hit me up online lol, It's gary dude !
  3. I've Heard this at Peter Bailey and at Victor Calderone the last couple weeks, is there a new mix or are they just layin the Acca ? It sounded like the same song though.
  4. Track ID

    I heard Roger play this track at crobar Sat. it was a male vocal saying something like .."I know what you want, I know what you need, You know I got it" I dont think thats exact but you get the idea.
  5. Hip Hop Track ID

    I know this is basicaly devoted to house but maybe someone will know this track........It's the beat from K-os-Superstar part zero with Missy Elliot vocals over the top. I've been lookin for this for a while now and no one knows what it is. If anyone has any idea let me know.
  6. realllly easy track id

    Nick and Danny Chatelain- Is Killing me
  7. Audacity

    yeah i'm talking about track markers, ive been messing around with this for a while now an im havin a problem.
  8. Dt ????

    DT killed it last night.........Does anyone know any tracks he played between about 4 and 6 o'clock
  9. Audacity

    When I record on Audacity it cuts off at 50 min, is this normal? And is there a way to chop up tracks so its not continuous? Thanks in advance
  10. Pacha Tickets

    Does anyone have extra tickets ??
  11. Track Id ?

    Song I've been hearing for a while now with the words "I dont need nobody....I just want your body baby" something along those lines, I'm not sure exactly. Thanks
  12. Camorina - 16 Years

    Anyone have the original, I just got a mix that sucks !
  13. From the old Lawler Cd

    Global underground Lights Out
  14. From the old Lawler Cd

    Does anyone have the song Technological Aspects from the old Lawler Cd, Its #2 on Cd 2???????