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  1. Best place for house this thursday and friday?

    cool. How is spirits on fridays though?
  2. im moving soon, wanna catch some good house before i leave wheres the place this thursday and friday aug 9th and 10th?
  3. Any clubs in miami 18+?

    space on fridays is 18 and up.
  4. Who usually spins at space on fridays?

    appreciate it. Also, anyone know if they are 18+ on fridays?
  5. 18+ miami club

    isnt space 18+ on friday?
  6. Candyland 11 Saturday Dec 23

    cool anyone know what time grooveric spins? I never seen him,also, is this gonna be an all breaks/ dnb thing or some trance too?
  7. Anyone know entry age for [email protected]?

    hahah. can i get a real answer?
  8. space's site says 21 and up, but there are some occassions where it is actually 18+. I was wondering if any of you guys knew. Thanks.
  9. [email protected] and broadcast live on myspace

    anyone know the ages to get in for this?
  10. Rank 1, Groove Eric & Seasunz @ Metropolis, 9/15/06

    Is this 18+?
  11. Im not sure who it was but when avb was finishedlike 4:30 am or so. Whoever took over for him was rocking man. Avb did a helluva job too. Im just wondering who went after him, and man space needs to stop selling so many dang tickets. that place was way too crowded early on.
  12. Friday, September 1st @ Space (Updated Line Up Inside)

    lemme know next time you take a sh!t. I need a ticket myself.
  13. Armin Van Buuren + Rank 1 (trance)

    seasunz. If its trance,not too expensive, and easy entry(im 20yrs old) THEN IM THERE!. I'll defintely be at space for armin.
  14. Senor Frogs still open?

    I was there like a year ago, and it is the only non-electronic music club I've ever been to, in between the hiphop or w/e they still managed to throw some stuff in there that I could recognize. Had good memories there, just wondering if they're still kickin on Fri or Sat. nights. Im also looking for other similar venues that allow < 21.
  15. Candyland 1 for those that were there!

    cool is it still that cheap?