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  1. It's been a long time...

    I forgot i even had an account here til i saw many unanswered msgs in this inbox. how the hell is everybody? well i stopped posting here because i changed careers and went from nightclubs to becoming a casino host at the Palms. anyway wanted to drop a hello and if we ever cross paths again be sure to say hi! oh yeah I cut my hair. Peace! Tommy
  2. Chuck Liddell's afterfight party

    guest list is closed thanks for your supporrt!
  3. Chuck Liddell's afterfight party

    John Huntington Presents One Night Stand... An afterparty hosted by Chuck Lidell immeadiately following the UFC fight! When: Saturday Aug 20th @ 1030pm Where: Curve Ultralounge in the Aladdin Hotel Dress Code: Upscale dress code required. Admission: $20 for guys, free for ladies. This is a last minute guest list. I have been asked to work the door tomorrow night by John so I would love the support of all my friends. I know I said I was out...I am back for one night! text me your name and how many in your group for the limited guest list. Guys will be $10 on my guest list. call or text 702 809 3491 or IM me tommyurso54 on AIM
  4. Rubber the Club no more

    mastaweb, not sure what is happening with the club now, but in the near future seven will no longer be at it's current location due to the development of the cosmopolitan hotel/condo resort. as for rubber, it's still throwing the bangin parties with summer of love coming up on memorial day weekend. john and damien are still the kings of clubs, we will hear of more future projects such as nirvana at green valley ranch. you guys want to check out www.spiritworld.com for info on all the rubber parties. i am diggin the new job, very corporate and i feel like a grown up haha! peace and god bless, tommy
  5. Rubber the Club no more

    Hey folks, Just to get the word out, I am no longer working at Rubber the Club, and Rubber the Club is no longer affiliated with Seven. It has been a pleasure serving you in the past to all the hottest Vegas events, but I have changed career paths and now am a member of the Venetian Hotel's casino marketing team and player development. If there is anything I can do for you in that area, please feel free to msg me. Keep on partying and having fun, maybe I'll see you guys at the clubs enjoying myself finally and not working! Sincere thanks, Tommy Urso
  6. Club Rubber afterhours...

    operating hours are from 1030-8am, 3am being the start of afterhours every firday and saturday.
  7. p.diddy taken over vegas?

    this news comes to no surprise, as i have dealt with mr. combs before. sorry to all the p. diddy fans but this man is unreliable and works only to his benefit. he makes great music though!
  8. Club Rubber afterhours...

    Good god we were slammed from opening til 3am!
  9. Club Rubber afterhours...

    We got Chuck Lidell's party this Saturday right after the fight.
  10. UFC After Party

    For VIP Info or to RSVP email Tommy [email protected] Here it is...
  11. VIP Service

    You might want to look into our SUmmer of Love event that memorial day weekend. I assure you, that you'd not want to be anywhere else that weekend! check www.spiritworld.com for details.
  12. Club Rubber afterhours...

    Happy to hear that the response is still positive. We've been undergoing some internal changes in promotions and management that's why the friday sucked. Rest assured, I am helping to resolve this problem and get you guys to enjoy the full benefits of the Rubber you know so well. I have to agree with you all on the hip hop thing, I personally like hip hop, but it does not belong to Rubber. We are an extended hours venue which means we are open from 11pm-8am Friday and Saturday, but we are not in direct competition with the other nightclubs. Strategic marketing highlights for us to have a larger following to the afterhours crowds, and we do get our push at around 230-3am. Besides, who wants to hear unst unst unst for 8 hrs straight? I like house music but not for that long lol. People will get over it eventually. So you could say we evolve into Rubber at 3am, which by that time the crackheads will be rolling through and half dressed ladies will be flaunting their goods. When you come to Vegas, check out PURE, Body English, Light, Tabu, but make sure you end up at Rubber! Oh and Summer of Love will be Memorial Day weekend at the club and at the Palms!
  13. Club Rubber afterhours...

    yeah it was lame friday, saturday was good. we usually get the push right at 3am and fills up nicely. as for memorial day weekend, we have the summer of love event at the palms. just check periodically on www.spiritworld.com for more info. there's just a teaser on there now. but for those who do come out on my invited list, thank you. i am trying very hard to make everyone welcome at our spot. of course when we have a special event we're full house, but that's alot of money trying to book the oakenfolds and the tiestos everyweekend! i want you all to enjoy yourselves and have fun. with your continuing support, we'll be even better.
  14. Club Rubber afterhours...

    11pm - 8am every weekend! For VIP info email [email protected]
  15. Club Rubber this weekend

    The party starts again at the Vegas venue as the owner's return from Miami. Huge party called Wet Grooves was thrown at the famous Rubber Hotel and we showed Miami how it's done! This weekend alot of people will be in town looking to party...come by for our huge afterhours parties and see what the buzz is about! For VIP Info contact me [email protected]