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  1. Casbah Nightclub At Trump

    Thank you, he gets in after 4 today so I will talk to him later tonight. Thanks, Matt
  2. Casbah Nightclub At Trump

    Thanks again.
  3. Casbah Nightclub At Trump

    Thank you very much. Saturday is when I am going down so that is great. Matt
  4. Anyone have a list here? Or deal with bottle service? Any info would be helpful.
  5. Cd Mix!!! Who Wants A Copy?

    Cedric, thanks for the CDs they are great! I am so glad to see this music coming back to life. Matt
  6. Suede Bottle Service

    Ok thanks for you help. No harm done. Sincerely, Matt
  7. Suede Bottle Service

    Easy, I know you must be a "GOD" in the club world but I was asking because I use this forum as an information source, not a place to try and put people down like a coward hiding behind the internet. And, I am going because a friend of mine was going and asked me to tag along but I do not go out to places I dont know unless I have a bottle. I do that so I do not have to deal with wannabes at the bar trying to "Ball it up"...people like you. I posted this thread to see if anyone can use the business. Not because I need or want a hookup, money is the only hookup you need. Thanks anyway for your help.
  8. Does anyone have a hookup for suede bottle service? I want to go on thursday.
  9. Bottle Service

    Thanks very much everyone...except Lucky. Lol
  10. Bottle Service

    I was just wondering what spot has the best bottle service: No waiting on line, great waitress service etc.. And If anyone has a connect that I can get intouch with to set everything up. I am going out Saturday 3/5, but this post is just for my general everyweekend information. I am tired of "Seeing how it goes" and being treated poorly. Thanks in advance. Matt