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  1. men should die

    Are you playin hard to get??? I like...
  2. Crobar - Danny T or Hernan Cat?

    Well that's at least the third kitty that said DT. Pretty much locks it up for me. Check it.. We can make [email protected] a mini-meet up! whadaya say?
  3. Crobar - Danny T or Hernan Cat?

    I could be convinced. I think vibe is at spirit on Fri. deepspell. listened to the latest... you're layin it down, brotha' !!
  4. Crobar - Danny T or Hernan Cat?

    well. crobar has some good vibe right now, so I wanted to check it out. If the party is right on fri I'll go back sat. I already did the avalon, seude, china club, sound fac, webster hall (some other names I don't remember ). But it will have to be completely sick for me to go back because my list is getting longer....
  5. Crobar - Danny T or Hernan Cat?

    decent. thanks for the help. that's what I'll do then. I'm always a lil leary about going to hear someone new. Anybody else here planning on partying there?
  6. Crobar - Danny T or Hernan Cat?

    deep/dark prog??? I kinda know the style... That's still a dance tempo, right? Downtempo? Any suggestions for Saturday then (3/12)???
  7. Sup? I wanna check out Crobar while I'm in town this time. Who should I go hear - H.C. on 3/11 or D.T. on 3/12. I dont think I want to go to Crobar twice so... I'm leaning towards D.T. although I've heard him several times B4 n miami. He has that NY flav and dance tempo that I like. But I never heard H.C. So????