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  1. Shadiness At The Shelbourne

    not like i give a shit about celebs but this is pretty fucked up http://www.jlaforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=208354 sorry the site doesn't allow copy and paste
  2. Art Deco = Cheap crap with rainbow colors

    we were up at 69th and we just took the buses straight to south beach
  3. Miami Wed. March 23rd - HEAR TOMORROW

    don't forget carl cox has been added to the pool area!
  4. is BT playing on thurs. or not?
  5. Mansion Wed & Fri??

    i think tronic treatment is weds at the mansion
  6. Robbie Rivera WMC Event

    too bad i won't be there till tues....where else is antoine clamaran going to be playing at this WMC???
  7. What type of music do you go to WMC for?

    defintely down to hear some techno and jungle but i'm also interested in checkin out some turntablists and also hear some of my favorite prog/tribal djs such as danny howells
  8. Danny [email protected] 2005?

    anybody have an addy for Warehouse?
  9. wmc flight roll call

    IAH Houston to MIA 3-22 Depart 10:35am Arrive 1:56pm MIA to IAH Houston Depart 11:21am Arrive 1:11pm i couldn't find a later flight than that on sun or else it woulda cost more, oh well
  10. sorry if this is a repost or something, i can't find the post about DT anywhere. must have tha info!