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  1. If you could choose only two clubs...

    I've never really had the energy for afterhours, overdose. The clubs back home in Glasgow would shut at 3am, and when I worked in Geneva, they were open until... well, they never closed. When I was 18 (arguably bursting with energy), 3/4am was lights out time. Might give it a miss... not too fond of :gang:crackheads either... I think I'll definitely check out Crobar on the Saturday. Hopefully, there'll be a few more posts tomorrow to help me decide what other one to visit. lucky13 - is that a picture of you in your signature? Are you resident DJ somewhere? Where should I keep my eyes peeled for tickets? The Crobar web site is pretty tough to navigate through... Thanks again for your replies and good night!
  2. If you could choose only two clubs...

    Thanks for the quick replies, guys. What will the line/wait be for the Paul Van Dyk performance? Is it something I should get tickets for now?
  3. Hey guys, My girlfriend and I are going to be NYC for a weekend in April. Looks like we're spoiled for choice when it comes to nightclubs. We'll only have time to visit two I think. If you could only go to two nightclubs in NYC, what would they be? Any clubs you would advise against going to? We're both 25 and into all sorts of music. The music isn't really important - just the crowd and the atmosphere. Aside, I've been looking at the Photos on this site. I had no idea NY girls were so damn hot (evidence below)! I must get out of New Mexico before I reach 27! Fig 1: Luckiest guy in the city. http://photos.clubplanet.com/data/853/191278Dscn00611-med.jpg