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  1. Who's down for Cosmic Gate tonight?

    funny how u 2 must be the only two people that left..cause the place was packed till 6 am...crowd looked fine to me....haters need not apply..ive been throwing shows and goingto them for 12 years ..and the vibe and lighting and sound was great....if you dont think so you dont belong there....also it was the first night things are only going to get inproved
  2. Who's down for Cosmic Gate tonight?

    glad you had a good time ...i must say myself last night was off the fucking meet rack...will post there next appearance as soon as its confirmed ..just want to thank everybody for coming out and making the night a huge sucsess...see u all next week...johan gielen...april 8th
  3. Cosmic Gate this week!!!!!!!!!

    we changed it to 18 plus...and yes we will have a wil call print up ur will call and bring it
  4. johan gielen 4/8/05 webster hall 25 in adavanced groove tickets .com websterhall.com
  5. Reborn Webster Hall's April Line UP!!!

    we changed the age to 18 for the new weekly on friday starting april 1st
  6. Cosmic Gate ROLL CALL?!?!

    webster hall never shut down that night it was a false alarm...cosmic gate will be there....dont miss out who knows when they will be back ....
  7. Cosmic Gate this week!!!!!!!!!

    no u dont need a helmet false alarm....and yes you can bring glow sticks
  8. Cosmic Gate this week!!!!!!!!!

    yes and there is 1 guest list but it doesnt garentee you will get in by 2am cause of the line ..so buy ur tickets online or at satellite to insure ur entry...this is going on 103.5 tomorrow and the rest of the week so i would amost garentee its going to sell out ...so do get ur tickets ....
  9. Reborn Webster Hall's April Line UP!!!

    german style hard trance is growing bigger than ever in 2005...trance never died in nyc it just never was born till now.....the top 10 dj's in the world are all progressive trance dj's so you make no sence by posting we are a bit late...
  10. Webster Hall ceiling collapse?

    webster hall is fine it was a false call and is under full investigation....
  11. Cosmic Gate this week!!!!!!!!!

    there are no problems with the roof somebody called the firestation and said there was a fire...they cam evacuated the place and found out it was a false call...we also have a 5k capacity for a back up venue...but the cops are aware of people like this. the phone call was a false emegency and is under full investigation....so no worries get ur tickets b4 they sell out theres not that many left online....
  12. hennes n cold/ derb april 15th webster hall $25in advanced online groove tickets .com satellite nyc 18 to party 21 drink
  13. johan gielen 4/8/05 webster hall $25 in advanced online groove tickets .com satellite records nyc 18 to party 21 drink
  14. cosmic gate info videos and mp3s under realeses click link/ cut past http://www.websterhall.com/splash/cosmicgate/
  15. april fools day after hours @ webster hall featuring Cosmic Gate. special 3 hour tag team.... $25 in adavanced online tickets www.groove tickets.com satellite records nyc vip records nj 18+ 21 to drink 12 midnight to ?