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  1. Sean O'hara and Matt Cook @ DIRT Thurs Nov. 30

  2. Sean O'hara and Matt Cook @ DIRT Thurs Nov. 30

    Whoa there Jeffrey......miss you guys, wish you could be here for it.
  3. so what smaller venues are going off these days?

    Jimmy, heard you newest mix...sound good. Do you have myspace? Mine is..... http://www.myspace.com/diulei
  4. so what smaller venues are going off these days?

    I'm actually linked up with a buddy right now who is showing me a couple places later this week. HE already organizes many parties and finding venues should be fairly easy with him. Smaller 150+ size places is where my head is at....Im looking to do a techhouse/minimal/electro night while still keeping it somewhat funky in hollywood...I play and would like to bring in local talent as well as many of my collegues and best buds from in NYC and the rest of the world. Just returned from Ibiza and make some great new contacts as well. If you are interested in discussing possibly collaborating, let me know.
  5. Don't Pet The Stingrays....

    Oh Yeah........off To Ibiza Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Late, Say A Prayer For Me.
  6. Don't Pet The Stingrays....

    Crazy how the same day he died there was an invasion of stingrays at orange county beaches. 10 or so people got stung....thank god no one died. phew
  7. Murkapalooza 2004

    Who will pretend to die this year??? Something about the sound of an ambulance while on c3po makes me home sick. Have fun kids!
  8. mike swells: rough draugh

    Sure is.....How would you like your beats?
  9. Dory and Joplin and Moonshadows this Sunday

    what time does it end?
  10. Hot Lunch - Mass Electric *New Mix*

    Nice mix Tommy! Keepin it real. Can't wait to rock out! Hopefully dorian wont pop out of nowhere and pull his cock out. I am stayin loyal to robot pussy!
  11. Hot Lunch - Mass Electric *New Mix*

    I liiiiike!
  12. mike swells: rough draugh

    NICE ONE SWELLS!! I liiike it bra! Get your ass ready...I'm going to be bringing all you nuts out to this side of the country. Got a new hook in vegas and am going to be putting a CREW together for a monthly or bimonthly night that I will be starting in vegas.
  13. BUMP 4 Year Anniversary w/ IZ & Diz

    Way to keep the beats flowin.
  14. Chris Micali & Eli Wilkie @ LOVE - NYC 4/28!

    When you comin out here again Eli??? We need another avalon (space) terrace.