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  1. Roni Size and Andy C @ Spirit...

    Nice to see two of the best drum & base djs comeing to the city
  2. Just to clarify you did say that Cattaneo was "minor leagues" , you may not like his music that's perfect but Hernan has played with the most recornise djs in the world (Oakenfold,Howells,Morillo you name it) plus he recorded his 2 Renaissense cd this year (very few djs in the world had the plesure of working with that record label) If the place is pack when Boris is playing is because he plays every 15 days at Crobar plus he alsow plays every week around the city and the place is full of prostitutes and drug addicts ( I do like Boris though) . If you ain't posting no more is not because people are too sensitive the real reason is that you don't know a thing !!!!!
  3. Hernan is rank # 6 dj in the world and is a guy that any place he goes he is going to have people following him , you can not compare him with a local dj like Boris that only plays in the 3 state area . Hernan is at Space Miami tonight and next week he is in Ibiza while Boris is in the Surf club New Jersey.\ How can you say that Hernan is minor leagues , you heve no idea what you are talking about .........
  4. Is good to know what you like, I think most of the people in this board love clubing so I don t understand why you are so embarassed . What do you like ? baseball? chess? are you with a personality crisis that makes you aggressive Just chill
  5. Straight afterhours?

    I realy like Victor!!!! I'm str8 , Victor is str8 and have a wife and a 1 year old kid, and I been realy successful with girls at gay parties although I never went to a party thinking about hooking up with a girl I always want to have fun in a club more than anything else . I think all these concepts of where is more likely to get a girl are in the past , just go to the dam party and have fun and enjoy the drums!!!
  6. Am I the only one that hates Crobar....?

    Is this over?
  7. Best Clubs in NY?!

    Going to Avalon or Crobar is like going to Ministry of sound (London)
  8. ok... who here likes/dislikes boris

    good DJ, bad club
  9. Howells review !!!!!!

    Anyone was there ???? I really had a great time , don´t ask me for track id but I know he played some of his Miami cd.But his set and the cd (I don´t like the cd that much )where totally diferent, he played the best set I heard in NY this year .
  10. Am I the only one that hates Crobar....?

    I don't care about how people dress what they are doing or what ever!!! I had the most horrible experience there and I shared with you guys ... You guys can say a bounch of b\s and say that the club is good (if you like the club and you have a good time there that's ok .) Anyway nobody cares too much for this place cause I saw people writeing some ok stuff about the club but I did't see any kid saying that this thread is crazy and he had the best time of his life while being in this club.
  11. Am I the only one that hates Crobar....?

    Very true!!!!!!
  12. Am I the only one that hates Crobar....?

    I hate Crobar as well!!!!!! 1) sound sistem is horrible 2)When Danny Tenaglia played there they left 200 people out including me with pre-sale tickets cause they over crowd the club with people that were paying $60 to get in ..... the refound came 2 weeks later.They are greedy and how they overcrowd the club is unaceptable. I´m not going there after paying a two ways cab to go from the upper east to midtown west and ending up in the corner deli with 3 tickets in my pocket . I used to go a lot evendow I didn´t like the sound sistem cause I realy like some of the DJs ,. I made my mind and I´ll never go back there again (not going to Avalon as well)
  13. Danny Howells @ Spirit, Fri Apr 29

    He is a great DJ with a great vibe , his partys at arc were exellent , is good to have him back in the city . Danny is one of the few DJs that is always in a good mood and realy enjoy what he is doing