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  1. Weather must have scared people off. Place looked GREAT though. Hard to keep a party up that long...
  2. 6 years. Damn. I remember the opening like it was yesterday!
  3. So- it was the people of Belmar vs. The people of Staten Island. There should be some serious legal precedence created here... No fist pumping past 3am.
  4. Thoughts on the new Clubplanet?

    Aqua is pretty soothing. But this new layout sucks
  5. Red Cheetah 2007 VIP Cards

    Music Sucks??? Davis G is spinning. ALWAYS a good show. Picked the wrong night pal..
  6. I want to Meet Cool new Clubber/Friends

    Drugs are bad. MMMMkay
  7. Working as a blackjack dealer

    I have the resume of a degenerate gambler, is that enough to get a job?
  8. Working as a blackjack dealer

    90???? Sign me up!
  9. THREAD OF THE YEAR! People are getting served all over the place. I love it. Finally some passion!!!
  10. NJ Promoter Says to the DJ:

    I mean seriously Denny is famous for his classics sets. But it gets old real quick. Can't blame him though- he packs the place, everyone has a good time, and damn- he's got to get paid... The prob is that everyone knows hes good and what works for one place MUST work for the next. So you end up with the same shit every weekend...
  11. NJ Promoter Says to the DJ:

    SHUT UP. That made WAY too much sense. Stop being so long sighted.
  12. how much do barbacks make on avg?

    Barbacks have it tough. They get the shit work. Trying to get through annoying people in the club with cases on their shoulders... It's pretty tough work. Derka Derka
  13. how much do barbacks make on avg?

    Depends which spot you work... Each place is different with responsibilities too. Also, pretty much every place has good nights and bad nights, so you might work a good place on a bad night or with several other barbacks. The usual take is 15% from each bar (but almost never more than ANY bartender makes other than service bar) The point is- learn to bartend.