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  1. Dear Mr Mouth, I assume since your are quite angry something bad must have happened to you while, in the presence of a JP party... First, Did you come to the NYE party? I saw plenty of spanish girls dancing on the stage doing the show.. DEF were not DRAG Queens.. What is wrong with you? The luxury bus in Philly was stuck in the mud.. Does this not happen to everyday people? You are soo bitter... MOST companies were CLOSED on Monday.. Maybe your lame job wasn't closed .. But most were.. Why are you so worried with the type of crowd he attracts? Have you ever been to a Disco2000 party? Shit what kind of crowd was that? I know I was 15 - using fake ID to get in.. Palladium .. Aphrodita didn't even CHECK ID.. HELLO... Who cares.. You are so obsessed, with the "people" there.. What kind of crowd do you want? What makes you happy? Jonathan's manager is one of my best friends for about 25 years... He puts his heart and soul plus more into - everything he does.. Jonathan is booked in Rhode Island, Boston, LA, Global Event before WMC, 2 WMC parties... Shall I go on? He knows EXACTLY what he is doing.. My husband and I were at the party from 2am to close... SOBER! We danced all night, and didnt' want to stop..... The VENUE Was GREAT!!!! It def had that SF vibe, and alot of old school faces... Kriste... another good friend.. Its a shame you pick fun at one of the best girls in the scene.. She watches her Boy's back always has and always will.. I guess living in a world like your own.. Ignornace is Bliss ..... Maybe you should pray to find peace bc you are one bitter dude....
  2. Help for 6-30 to 7-4

    Where to go for Reg Hrs And After hrs.............. lala help
  3. Roll Call July 4th Weekend...

    Who do we need to email? I have about 12 girls from NY comming with me?
  4. 4th of July

    WHat about big name Dj's ?
  5. 4th of July

    which of these plays house music? Also do you know what DJ's will be out there for the holiday weekend?
  6. 4th of July

    Does anyone know the Party and DJ line up? Will be out there 6/30 -7/5 thanks ..