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  1. best Sunday dance nights in NYC?

    Right on...thanks for the tips! We'll most prob end up at one of the first three you just mentioned. Word. *edit*wait, wait, wait...I forgot to ask about the Orchid Lounge! http://limelight.clubplanet.com/clubsearch/clublisting.asp?clid=66218DFB351A823A92F5917DEB60E604 Shit sounds pretty tight...just need one of ya'll to confirm.
  2. best Sunday dance nights in NYC?

    Well yeah. A chill area would be cool, but plenty of booty-shakin', that's the top priority!
  3. best Sunday dance nights in NYC?

    Hmmm...I've heard bad things about the Coral Room...Suede is definitely on the list of maybes...sounds like a gay club; is it? Are you calling me an ass, or should I being doing a search for Club Ass? lol Actually, I did find this: http://gonyc.about.com/cs/broadwayreviews/gr/piecesofass.htm" This what you mean? Le Souk sounds aight...also on the maybe list. Thanks for the replies, everyone. What's everybody think of 13, Lotus, and The Sapphire Lounge (on Sundays)?
  4. Never been to NYC before and want to party it up while I'm there! I like somewhat trendy dress/decor, specialty martinis, and '80s, funky house, and hip hop. DnB and breaks would be alright too...Any suggestions? My fiance and I will be travelling through there on April 17th. Manhattan, the Village, SoHo, wherever...we don't care.