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  1. New Trance CD

    You just replied to a post from February of 2005.....the link has been dead for years.... Sorry.
  2. For those of you, who are planning to hit the After Party at Rebel this Saturday and want to get a sweet taste of the music, feel free to download Victor Dinaire recent live set at Blue in South Beach. [Part 1] http://www.sendspace.com/file/s3erd3 [Part 2] http://www.sendspace.com/file/dn2370 [Part 3] http://www.sendspace.com/file/azszx3 [Part 4] http://www.sendspace.com/file/b90pvq Enjoy... -------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Thank you for clearing that up but I don't think anyone thought it was affiliated with PVD. It is still an after party, and the place to be after the Central Park event
  4. After Party Pvd Sat The 18th

    If anyone needs info..here it is
  5. the website says the 18th is sold out... Don't forget the afterparty at
  6. After Party Pvd Sat The 18th

    Decision is actually very easy.... They may both be called Victor but Victor Dinaire would be much more suitable for a PVD after party.....
  7. After Party Pvd Sat The 18th

    This would be the place to be... Theatre: Perry O’Neil (Electronic Elements), Victor Dinaire, Zack Roth Gallery: Noel Sanger, Frank Chiarello, DJ Rocksteady, Mike Saint-Jules Admission: $10 before midnight, $15 reduced w/rsvp to [email protected], $20 regular 21+ to enter
  8. ELEMENTS - Fri 27th @ Broadway Lounge, NMB

    I wish somone would do a good event already in NMB...so many people up here and there is nothing to do... Is this place any good? Anyone?
  9. Miami Scene Dead?

    Got it. Tx.
  10. Miami Scene Dead?

    Thanks! Been in Miami for a few month now, and still trying to find the right spots... Been to the first two, but not the last three....can you PM me with the adresses? Tx...
  11. Miami Scene Dead?

    That's exactly my point...there is no scene. It's all superficial. The scene should be fun and simple. Go out, and have fun. I feel like I am too old for the big nighclubs, but it seems like in Miami, those are the only places that don't give you attitude, and nobody judges you....you go in, pay at the door, and have a blast...If only we would get some good talented DJ down here more often, life would be perfect.
  12. Miami Scene Dead?

    Guys. Miami is all right, but you can't really say it tops this country...all you have to do is look at some other city message boards, and see how many gig go on in some other big cities. For example, check out the NY thread: http://bbs.clubplanet.com/new-york/ Compare that with the Miami thread, and the Miami thread starts to look kind of lame... Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to put down the scene here, but I've lived in other cities, and the Miami scene is...well....lame?
  13. sasha and jimmy van m @ space 12.2.06

    Should definately be an interesting night....
  14. Shooting at Crobar??

    Which couriers offer cell phone guns? Can I get one from Verizon? Also, when you shoot someone, do they charge you airtime?