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  1. new sound system is on point.. Saturday night is going to be a blast.. PM me to get on list.
  2. Studio 9 thursday????

    gonna check it out..
  3. bumping up this Thread . Gary and I go way back from the beginning of our barbacking days... He's a true and proven professional in the business. Thee DJ with the party bar vibe theme written all over it...
  4. Ill be there gettin my Drink on!
  5. So What do u think Davis played at S80?

    Effen Black Cherry Vodka and diet coke...... good shit yo!
  6. So What do u think Davis played at S80?

    Gary!! Gonna party wit u when I get a Friday nite off!! Happyhrmatt, good seeing ya at my bar last week with ShowBoat!! good luck fellas! good times
  7. Well said Ricky! Plenty of venues to choose from to fit the vibe you are looking for..! Fonz
  8. Dj Skribble @studio 9 4/23

    What the hell..... Freakin Haters! Studio9 is doing something right! . It's in black and white. Numbers don't lie... If you dont feel the vibe then the club is not for you. Try another.....got it. Don't come to Studio9......Plenty of other people the feel the Studio9 vibe~!
  9. Good Times = Studio9..... See erbody Saturday Nite..
  10. Friday & Saturday @ Studio 9!

    Saturday Nights at Studio 9..... luv em girls dancing on stage!! and wait let me add the bartender chicks are smoking hot....see ya there ..I'll be getting my drink on!
  11. seriously need to bash STUDIO9

    Studio 9 Rocks Woodbridge. Yeah it's in my town and proud to have it here. Studio 9 haters Wake UP!! It's NOT SLEEP. How could it be Sleeping when the club is Slammin every weekend.... Again let's spread the Word...... it's ALL happening in Woodbridge!!! Come Get Ur Freak ON!!
  12. Happy Birthday Sergio!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!
  13. Hey Mikey, I'm new to the board. I'll straight out say I'm on the staff /bartend at Studio 9. Saturday Nites are Primo. but If you do decide to go to Deko, maybe you can visit us later on that night. Like one prior post mentioned, we are only 5 mins away.. In addition we are open an hour later then Deko... This Saturday we have DJ Producer KTU Level 7 Sanctuary JASON OJEDA.... Look forward to your honest unbiased review of Studio 9
  14. Up Coming [email protected] 9

    I'll be there on Thursday getting my Drink On! YUP.. Saturday NITE is going to be SICK!!!