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  1. Collective Club Calendar

  2. Collective Club Calendar

    John Digweed= 6/11/05 Croakbar.....
  3. Am I the only one that hates Crobar....?

    listen bitch you wouldnt know good music if someone put a bullhorn connected to an ipod to your ear.... Deep Dish= Played Out David Morales= Played Out Boris= Shit Sasha= Hasnt Been Good Since Twilo Sander= BORING crobar doesnt bring in good quality up and coming talent.... house shouldnt be played in the same club as hip-hop.... I havent been to crobar since sasha and digweed last summer, thats when i swore that place off.....
  4. I was just thinking about this driving my girl to the bus this morning, Once a month fridays: DT DJ Vibe Chus and Ceballos Roger Sanchez Once a month saturdays: Danny Howells Lee Burridge ( switching between Tyrant) Richie Hawtin & Sven Vath- Not my favs but something for the tech heads James Zabiela Sundays- I would want a mix crowd Frankie Knuckles Satoshi HEctor Romero Francios K Danny Krivit
  5. Made-Events is going to bring him him... TYRANT TOGETHER ON A GOOD SYSTEM!!!!
  6. Am I the only one that hates Crobar....?

    1) The Sound is horrible I goto to a club for the music and naturally the sound system is the biggest thing with me. Second to that, is the DJ's crobar tends to bring in played out DJs or just plain shitty DJ's. I wanna hear up and coming international talent. 2) Hip-Hop and house dont mix they never have they never will. 3) The vibe, there is none I'm sorry assholes in button down shirts drinking stellas that dont know who is spinning ruin the vibe. 4) Its too big, I like medium size clubs I like to feel connected with DJ I want him to be able to see me smile and put my hands in the air.... 5) Did I mention how incredibly shitty the sound is, my ears are always ringing when I leave, your ears are not supposed to ring.... 6) Its a corporate McClub and yes this is a reason to hate a club..... Listen man I am the definition of a true clubber....Attended well over 100 events at Vinyl/Arc/SF....I usually went straight to work still rolling from be yourself...I'm fucking hardcore....
  7. Collective Club Calendar

    lawler Is Not At Crobar He Is At Spirit, Angel Moares June 3rd Spirit
  8. Am I the only one that hates Crobar....?

    because crobar sucks...i heard bonana7 has herpes
  9. Danny Howells @ Spirit, Fri Apr 29

  10. Am I the only one that hates Crobar....?

    great post...
  11. 6/17 at Crobar, Lawler or Sander?

    the security from arc and vinyl is the secuirty at spirit douchebag.... all you do is rep crapbar on all these fucking messageboards do they pay you by post or by word....? twilo was 18 and up arc was 18 and up vinyl was 18 and up tunnel was 18 and up
  12. well people sarted bumping old threads i figure i would just find the oldest one and bump it