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  1. 3rd Annual Inside-Chicago.com DJ-Showcase On April 22nd IC will host our 3rd DJ-Showcase in the Lair of Vision nightclub. The last 2 contests were such a great success we figured we’d do it again. The showcase is a chance for up and coming dj’s and live pa artists to strut there stuff on proper sound, in front of a crowd while being judged by established peeps in Chicago’s music industry. Entry’s are open to everyone but meant for artists looking for a break so if you’re already getting big gigs maybe you wanna give the little guy a shot =). All artists will be judged on a variety of skills: Originality: an established sound, feeling or tone. The way you tell a story or bounce the crowd. The sum of your technique. Programming: track selection and how you position your tracks to sequence your story. Technical Skill: however you play; slapmixing, scratching, seamless transitional mixing Crowd Response: pretty self explanatory. The more in tune you get with the crowd, the better the reaction the higher the points All demos should be made specifically for this showcase. Submissions will be accepted either in cd format or online mp3. Submissions should be sent to: IC 933 N. Ashland Ave. Apt# 2F Chicago IL 60622 Mp3 links pm’d to wombat, sneaker and back2basics or [email protected] Thanks and peas =), da bat_