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  1. Looking for paid work during WMC...

    Goodtimes! Hoping I can make it. I'm still paying off my credit card debt for last years trip, lol. Trying to avoid a repeat. Keep the suggestions coming though!
  2. Hi everyone, My name is Jordan. I'm a University student from Toronto, looking to earn some $$$ for my trip in Miami. I'm everything you'd want in a worker. First and foremost extroverted, positive, friendly, a good person to be working around. Most importantly though I'm dependable, confident, and a hard worker. I'll get the job done. I'm open to any work available (with the exception of cleaning out portapotties ) Please PM me (I'll be checking regularly) with your contact info, and I can send you my Cover Letter and Resume. Thanks in advance. I look forward to seeing everyone under the sun . Jordan P.S.: I have experience running club events, as well as promoting (flyers, posters, and all that good stuff).