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  1. Bon Jovi or Coldplay Tickets?

    Anyone looking to get rid of 2 tickets to either of these at The Joint... I don't know why you would be but...? I am either heading to Vegas the end of April or first weekend in May... any tips about some places to hang-out on Friday and Saturday night? I want to go to a really sexy show... last time I was here I went to X which wasn't too bad... any ideas?
  2. Nocturnal Sneak Peek

    What a nice greeting for your new members... There should be a warning/caution label before you first join CP - WARNING: Members of CP are mostly horny geeks who can't get any real action in the clubs... -------------- Is this true or do you guys actually have some info...
  3. Liquor of preference??

    Bacardi and diet Cosmo Wine Champagne - makes me rather tipsy
  4. Advice on Saturdays and Mondays

    Wow - with all your charm - I'm sure the ladies are swarming to get a hold of you... Let's see your newbie pic...
  5. Advice on Saturdays and Mondays

    I'll be down from the 19th - 22nd in Miami and then in the area til the 28th... SO what about Nocturnal on the 19th or 21st? Oh, and what are these formalities?
  6. Nocturnal Sneak Peek

    Sounds fun... What time does everything get started... 11 PM?... I'm new... educate me...
  7. Advice on Saturdays and Mondays

    Thanks ... so what WOULD you recommend then on a Saturday or Monday night?
  8. Advice on Saturdays and Mondays

    I am heading to Miami in a few weeks... staying in South Beach and would like to get some input on the best places to hang-out on Saturday and Monday nights... I have been to Crobar, Mansion, and Nikki Beach Club already... any other spots I should check out? Since I have already been to Crobar any other suggestions for Saturday? What do you think of Opium, Prive, oh, and any news on Nocturnal? I think they are opening up the 19th... One more question - if I am staying in South Beach what is the easiest way to get back and forth from South Beach to downtown Miami... Oh yeah, one other thing - what do you all think of B.E.D.? Worth eating at or checking out? Any advice would be much appreciated...