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  1. Vegas Bound 8/5/05-In search of Club

    Tx Fellas. I will be heading to one of those clubs. Tx for the reply back lalate.
  2. My Peep's Several friends and myself are looking to go clubbing this Saturday night,8/6/05, but we are looking for a good mix of music. We all have different tastes and we are looking for the best mixes. Also, if someone can get us VIP passes for that night, even just to bypass the long lines it would be greatly appreciated! Tx, Ric
  3. This Week's Specials (Air, Hotel), LAX-LAS

    LA, I think it's still too far along. I'm looking at the weekend of June 3-6. Fri-Mon. If you find anything let me know.
  4. Beautiful Pics at OPM

    LA you chose the same fine hunny as the one that I was foaming from the mouth as well! Damn, she's just as photogenic as she is in person. Beautiful personality as well!!! Lucky Guy if she has one.
  5. This Week's Specials (Air, Hotel), LAX-LAS

    Damn, too bad all those dates are between Sun-Thurs. Those are good prices! LA let me know when you find something within the weekend.
  6. ROLL CALL -> March 4-6

    Twinkle Twinkle Babe......Twinkle Twinkle...... Member...U Member....Say waz up to Ranker MiMish Rick for me....
  7. Girls Trip- Where to go? April 22nd weekend

    Yeah I wish I could show them girlz around. Who knows I might just drive down there and do just that! Only 4 hours babe:)
  8. Girls Trip- Where to go? April 22nd weekend

    Kimberly, I just got back from Vegas myself. If you are going to be there on Saturday, I would recommend [email protected] The Club is upstairs and shows views all around the forums in there. The place gets packed and the music is greatt! They play an array of old skool and HipHOp. Make sure you get there B4 10pm cuz it gets packed! Ric
  9. A Face To The Name.

    Vixen, I saw you there at Drai's last Friday. My friend Ed pointed you out from the crowd. We were supposed to head down on Saturday, but we got tore up at OPM and couldn't make it. Drais is sweet, if we didn't pay the bouncer a little somethin' somethin' to the side to get cutz in from of that loooonnnngggg line we probably wouldn't have made it in. Great place and greeaatt music. We'll be back there for sho! Ric
  10. ROLL CALL -> March 4-6

    Lalate, Tx again for the air. I looked into Southwest and if I were to purchase within the next couple of days I will only be paying little over $200 for 2. If they can top that I owe you some Cheves!
  11. ROLL CALL -> March 4-6

    LaLate, Tx for the Hotel Info. on discounts on the website Since I have not yet booked rooms yet at the Palms, I will look through here periodically to see if something good comes up! Cheers:beer: Ric
  12. ROLL CALL -> March 4-6

    DJ MasterWeb, I just wanted to say Thank You for hooking Ed and a couple of us up on Saturday Night at OPM. I am the white guy that Ed introduced you to me that night. The table, drinks, fine females and music was off the hook!! I am already recommending friends here from work to go to OPM if and when they go to Vegas. You threw some GREAT mixes of old skool and Hip Hop that brought the house down!! When I found out from Ed how he got the reservations I had log in and send my appreciation to you for the Outstanding services provided from OPM. The Bodyguard was great! I can't say enough about this place. I will make sure to visit this website religously as I will be heading out to Vegas again in May with my girl. She wants to stay at Palms Hotel and will be needing some recommendations on which club to take her at. I know she will definetely enjoy the Rain. I will follow up later and look around the message board. Tx Big Dogg, Ric