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  1. Recommendations on Vegas clubs

    Mrvegas and DJmasterweb,thank you both for trying to help me out.I may go to Ra on Friday at OPM on Saturday.Can you guys put me and my friends on the guestlist to avoid looonnnnnggg lines?
  2. Recommendations on Vegas clubs

    Hey sexy DJ (Is that you in that pix? Damnnnnn) which one of the 2 do you think is the best im going to be in town on the 18th of March through Sunday with all my friends and we might split up 6 and go seperate ways and see who has the better luck. Which club do you think has the finest guys?
  3. Recommendations on Vegas clubs

    Hey any local club goers,what hip hop clubs would you recommend?Ive got 12 sexy latinas that are looking to have some fun out there next weekend! Sexy Gaby