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  1. aftershock promotes for the crew throwing an event the same day as jokers wild... so naturally they will hate.. hate on big guy, u'll really be hating us after the 1st lol. 2nd... I'm promoting a "rave" here because this is a great website, about club and underground info, so naturally I'm just giving you the heads up to what's offered that nice from my company:) hope you all come out and have a great time, as we are sparing no expense to make this a truely memorable event! Exodus-
  2. FRIDAY APRIL 1ST 2005 ADRENALINE AM brings you its 1ST annual April Foolz Day event... *****JOKER'S WILD***** On the Decks... SUPA DJ DMITRY (Deee Lite - Wax Trax! - TVT - NYC) One of the main members from the late 80s/early 90s super pop group, Deee Lite. Dmitry's funky house grooves, wild stage appearance, and antics helped make Deee Lite a pop phenomenon. Deee Lite's msuic can still be heard in commercials, TV, and occasionally on MTV and VH1. Having worked with many well-known artists and DJs, Dmitry has put his stamp on many tracks around the world. Come witness this very rare appearance of the supa DJ himself at Jokers Wild! FRANKIE BONES (Sonic Groove/EMG NYC) *Special Storm Rave Set!* What's to be said that hasn't been said already? Legend. Icon. Pioneer. The Godfather of Techno. Creator of the rave. All this and much more has been said about Frankie Bones. One of the men that started it all, Frankie Bones has been around since the late 80s. Having released countless records and CDs, he has played shows all over the world to thousands upon thousands of partygoers. His techno has influenced the likes of many DJs around the world. His face has appeared on countless magazines and flyers. There's not much more we can say to beef him up much more than he actually is. Tonight Frankie will be dropping an extra special Strom Rave set. Frankie played host to Strom Rave events which are some of the most legendary in east-coast history. Come witness why he is a global phenom...Pay respect to the man, Motherfuckin Frankie Bones. OMAR SANTANA vs ERIC SANTANA (H2OH Recordings - Moonshine - Tricked Out - Adrenaline AM - Los Angeles) *Brother vs. brother...First time in 6 years!* We are very happy to welcome back the king of west-coast hardcore, Omar Santana to NYC. Whether you like him or hate him, you have to respect him, Omar Sanatana's tracks are rocked by the hardest of the hard around the globe. Notorious for his super-tight mixing skills, Omar will demolish the dancefloor with tricks and heavy basslines to rattle your brain! Together with Eric Santana, whose smooth mixing and ill scratching skills will make for a tag-team to be talked about for years to come. Strictly for the hard, there is no harder. Keep it motherfuckin headstrong! THE CREATOR (www.DJbookingonline.com - NYC) *Legendary Fantasia Set* This man is a legend. The Creator was at the forefront of the rave scene in the 90s along with Frankie Bones, DB, and Moby. His legendary Fantasia events with Park Rave Maddness rocked the east-coast, hosting 10-15000 people per event. His sets...flawless. Banging techno mixed to a tee making him as in demand as Frankie Bones himself. Come witness one of our all-time favorite DJs bring it to the decks for you, and all the kids who never got to witness him in the 90s. DJ X-DREAM (Organica, Stuck On Earth , Local 13 - LI) *CD Release for Trance Sessions 01** X-Dream has earned his reputation as one of the leaders of New York’s underground music scene. He has 22 years behind the decks and still rocks a party like no other DJ in the Nation. DJ X-Dream has produced several singles for many labels and his fourth CD “Trance Sessions 01†is out in stores worldwide. Come see what the meaning of dance floor “devastation†means as X-Dream takes control of the party, your mind and your body. X-Dream: Never a disappointment, always a pleasure. PLEASUREHEAD (Topaz - Stuck On Earth NYC) Once again, IT'S TIME FOR THE PERCULATOR! Pleasurehead's deep bass trance and infectious grooves are a staple in the northeast scene. Having rocked crowds countless times, once again he will raise the intensity of the party to the next level. REID SPEED (Breakbeat Science - Contagious Music - Adrenaline AM - Los Angeles) We love Reid! One of our very best friends, Reid returns once again to blow you away! Excelling from a NYC local and relocating to Los Angeles, Reid has taken her career by storm. Appearing in many magazines and having released two licensed CDs for Breakbeat Science, Reid found herself as the DJ for the WB's Jamie Kennedy experiment. Now touring nationally, Reid takes time out of her busy schedule to drop the bass for AdrenalineAM. Get ready...You are now inside the ride of Reidspeed. THE BURNER BROTHERS AKA WALLY / PISH POSH & SEEN (Direct Drive - Cardboard City - Konkrete Jungle NYC) Raw Dn'B, live in-direct for the NYC! Pish-Posh and Seen have demolished dancefloors around the country, hip-hop influenced grooves and low basslines to rattle the systems and have your lighters in the air...RESPECT! HAVOK (Synergy Industries - Adrenaline AM - NYC) **CD Release for Control Freak** The frontman behind Synergy Industries, Mike's events have drawn thousands and made Synergy a well-known production company around the country. Funky bangin house and techno served up proper direct from NY has now been gaining recognition throughout the US. Get ready as the Control Freak takes the event to the next level. EXODUS (H2OH Recordings - Dub Base - AC Hardcorps - Kryptic Music - Housetap - Adrenaline AM - NYC) **CD Release for Harder Than House vol 3** One of the hardest motherfuckers on the east coast, if you don't know, now you know. Nasty ass scratching and pounding basslines to rock the party foundation like no other, Exodus' turntablism tricks are a notorious force to be reckoned with . Hardhouse, hardstyle, and hardcore intertwined as only he can do it, Be prepared for full on audio warfare as Exodus takes to the decks. His productions with Hellstorm have received play by artists around the globe and made it into the boxes of such heavy hitters as Omar Santana, Endymion, Dre Hectik, DJ Tronic, DJ Dione, and many more! This will be celebrating the release of the 3rd installment of his Harder Than House series, so make sure you grab one! HELLSTORM (H2OH Recordings - Dub Base - AC Hardcorps - Kryptic Music - Housetap - Adrenaline AM - NYC) **CD Release for Path to Hell** One of the quickest rising DJ/producers in NYC, Hellstorm is on a path which cannot be denied! Along with his partner Exodus, Hellstorm they have toured both nationally and internationally, dominating dancefloors. Their releases played by the best in the biz. Hellstorm's fierce combination of hardstyle and hardcore will dismantle your senses. HARD'ONEZ (Blutonium - Stik - Ipnotika - Adrenaline AM - NYC) Some of the sickest hard trance/ hardstyle producers out there right now, the Hard Onez have been dominating the production scene for the past 2 years. With huge releases over seas on Stik, Ipnotika, Blutonium and more, they have become synonomus with the word Hardstyle. Get ready as they take it to the next level. PRIME (Luv Vibe - Illusion - Synergy NYC) This guy is everywhere! Promoter/dj/event cordinator, prime aka ritalin has made his place in the northeast scene. Pumping UK hardhouse and high energy is what you can expect from this staple in the northeast scene. SOULARIS *Live PA* (Kremlin Records - Russia) For those of you who have not yet experienced Soularis, you are in for a TREAT. Piercing vocals and huge synths along with rugged grooves are what this trance live PA is all about. come witness a truely amazing live performance. RARE NYC APPEARANCE! JAMES MILLER JUNIOR vs FAME (Simply Bangin - Columns Of Knowledge) **Stranger Than Friction Tour Stop** DJ DANK (Funky Element - LI) *NASA Breakcore Set* JIMMY X vs SPLATTERHOUSE (Kryptic Music - AC Hardcorps - Adrenaline AM - Washington DC)(Domestic Disturbance - AC Hardcorps - Virginia) **1st EVER NYC APPEARANCE** (Domestic Disturbance - AC Hardcorps - Virginia) HOWHARD *Birthday Set* (Hardmind - Ravers Only- Versatile Groove - LI) DJ CANDY KID (Luv Tribe - 100 Proof - Ravers Only - NYC) MICHEAL SKYES (Miracle 1 - Philadelphia) WILLOW (True Crew - MA) J.D. FUNK vs SONIQ STYLZ (Adrenaline AM - Seattle)(Focalpoint - Adrenaline AM - Breaks FM - Ohio) **1st EVER NYC APPEARANCE** BRAK vs TEKNIK (100 Proof - Robots Will Kill- Adrenaline AM - NYC) (Twelveinchassassins.com - NJ) GYVER vs HEXER vs ARCADE (New Rave Order -MA)(Fresh Mixes/New Rave Order -NYC) (Sound Circus - NYC) GOODFELLA vs C-TAG (Liquid Fire - Adrenaline AM - NY) (Kind Kidz Recordings - LI) SOUNDSTREAM vs DUPONT (Floorburnerz - CT) BREAKSTEEL (Breaksteel prod - CT) MADIROZ (MADIROZ MUSIK - NYC) // Event Info // Location: THE QUARRY (141 east 140th street ,bronx, ny 10451 Times: 8pm - 5am Ages: ALL AGES !! / 21 to drink (all forms of photo id accepted) Tickets: www.*************.com $15.00 in advance // $20.00 at the door tickets also avaiable @ SATELLITE RECORDS (NYC) www.satelliterecords.com BREAKBEAT SCIENCE (NYC) www.breakbeatscience.com FIRST 50 PEOPLE IN GET A FREE CD PACK OF NEW CD RELEASES FROM ARTISTS AT THE EVENT!! hope to see everyone out there!!!! www.ADRENALINEAM.com