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  1. who was the 1st House DJ you heard?

    first cd was tranzworld 3.... first club was palladium in the bronx when i was 14....lol gotta love the teen nites dj chaos was the first house dj i heard....my friends cousin gave me a tape...it was pretty good...good enuf to get me hookeddd
  2. id hafta go wit jp def.....an then prob boris or tiesto..theyre hottt. maybe even oakenfeld.....scooter too once in a while

    for me, house music an clubbin is the inner me gettin out. cuz im a full time student in mass, i dont get out like i used to. most of my $ goes towards the 30,000 tuition an other various expenses, an i neva have xtra cash cuz im on the swim team an it takes up so much of my time i cant get a great job. but when i do have the $ n the time, the first place i wanna go to is a club. any club, it dont matter wat dj is spinnin, as long as the music is hott an the place is jumpinnn
  4. memorial day weekend

    theirs always shit goin on...it depends on wat ur lookin for....i aint neva gone to nyc memorial day but ive heard good things
  5. Mayday.....

    yea i dunno..i went to a mayday event a yr ago....ive neva seen so many cracked out ppl in my life....prob 100 out a 120 were stoned, drunk, coked out, or e-d out a their heads...it was nutssss
  6. Favorite NYC Super Club?

    a yo i gotta go wit avalon....spirits hot but i hadda much betta time at avalon....maybe i gotta give spirit another shot
  7. Some "housedancing" clips for ya to enjoy!

    yo thats sum dope shit dude....niceeeee
  8. Webster Hall??????

    a yo webster hall was whack.....i mean, the music was arite sumtimes but i didnt like the crowd at all.....chk out kitchen (previously soundfactory) in late may..i hear its guna be sickkkk
  9. soundfactoryy

    a yo i need to kno when soundfactory is gonna reopen..ive heard rumors about the end of may but nuthin solid...if any1 knows nethin lemme kno.....