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  1. They just had a party at Cielo earlier this week with some drum-n-bass (and I heard another party at Happy Ending). There's another one tonight at Cielo (but it's private). Check out the party page. I guess for you LA-LA-Land and SF kiddies, you're SOL. I'll toast one for the Left Coast. Not!
  2. It's All Gone Pete Tong

    There's a 10 minute clip on internet dj . Pretty kewl stuff. I'm sure it's made its way to the "networks". Downloaded a couple of clips and such off the kaz, but didn't find much on the donkey yet. Yet.
  3. Pete Tong and Tiesto?

    Pete Tong and Tiesto playing Cielo in late April? Sounds like a small venue for these guys but I guess they're there to promote Pete's new film? Is this invite only?
  4. Pete Tong?

    Can anyone confirm PETE TONG is in town to promote his film and doing an afterparty at Crobar?