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  1. Dog Tags from Miami

    Looks cool Didn't see anyone who had those thou.
  2. Letter to Mr. Promoter....

    I'm sure that most of the people that went to WMC did know that not only trance and house parties were being held. Breaks, DnB etc. also It's a matter of taste. Those who likes trance probably went to trance parties and those who likes house went to house parties. .... or?
  3. Art Deco = Cheap crap with rainbow colors

    You stayed at Days Inn? I did too, which floor were you on? We were on 8th. Haha, our toilet got fucked up 3 times, the housekeeping refused to fix it. Water everywhere haha ah well
  4. Monday 21st: Arrived to the hotel around 6pm but had to wait for a friend coming from Holland at 8pm ... that night we went to the Chesterfield Hotel and had a few beers and relaxed, didn't stay very long, it had been a rough day ... 10 hour flight from Sweden Tuesday 22nd: Some of us went to Amika for the Bugz In The Attic & Jazzanova party, nice. Wednesday 23rd: Armada Night at Club Spin, Armin and Schulz tore it up! Thursday 24th: Went to 'Organized Nature' at Rumi, Gabriel & Dresden's label release party, 5 hour DJ set + live performance from Jes in Motorcycle; "As The Rush Comes" and some other new track .. Friday 25th: We were supposed to go to Nikki Beach for the BBC Radio One event but we couldn't get in because Nikki's was already packed! Instead, we went to B.E.D. and the Border Community party with James Holden, Nathan Fake and a live performance by MFA. INSANE! In our opinion, it was the best night thru the whole WMC, atleast for us Saturday 26th: Ultra Music Festival in Downtown Miami ofcourse ... Wasn't that bad but still it wasn't very good either. Sure, the music was great except for Oakenfold and Tiesto, haha ... Always the same music... Danny Tenaglia, Erick Morillo, Sander Kleinenberg, Carl Cox, Moby, Junkie XL, Paul van Dyk - rocked!!! But the bar system was f**ked up! Why was it necessary to first queue to buy tickets then another queue for the actual bar which took a FOREVER! so lame ... After Ultra we were supposed to go to the Ultra Carry On Afterparty at American Airlines Arena with Digweed, Sasha, Zabiela, Cattaneo, Lavelle and UNKLE, we had tickets, but we were very tired so we went back to our hotel in South Beach, took a few drinks and then we went down to the beach for a little swim and more drinking (straight from the Vodka bottle, yuk!) Sunday 27th: Beach & shopping, which was nice ... Monday 28th: Flying back to Sweden. AWESOME WEEK! See you next year
  5. For those who didn't like the WMC...

    dude, I was staying at Days Inn and it wasn't bad at all so fukk off. I had the time of my life with my friends!!! + we trashed our hotel room and broke the toilet 3 times, water all over the place LOL
  6. Van Buuren?

    I went to Spin on Wednesday and Armin and Schulz rocked the place! But wtf was it with the cover? My friend went in 1 hour before me and he payed $40, and when I got in I had to pay $50, so shitty! but fuck that, I had a great time! Stayed there until the end then I walked back to our hotel on Collins Ave.
  7. -= Items to bring to WMC =-

    Allright peeps! I'm taking the bus to Stockholm now and tomorrow Monday morning me and my friends are flying to Miami! 9-10 hour flight, OMFG! See you all in Miami! :-)
  8. guestlist for radio 1 @ nikki beach???

    I'm going to Nikki Beach ... but, will they check ID's?
  9. Johan Gielen @ Onda

  10. Arriving in Miami on Monday 21st around 3-4 PM ... Staying at Days Inn on Collins Ave
  11. They fucking rock!!! Saw them in Copenhagen in December '04! Loved every second of their set! I don't have plans to go see them at Spin or/and Crobar but I will NOT miss them at the Ultra festival! I was wondering ... when entering Ultra Festival on the 26th, will there be timelines so I can see when the djs/liveacts are going to play? I'd hate myself if I missed Infusion, Sander Kleinenberg and others ...
  12. WMC anticipation

    the anticipation for me is almost at TOP PEAK! I'm leaving on Sunday morning, taking the bus to Stockholm. Then on Monday me and my friends are flying to Miami! uhm, ok the anticipation now reached TOP PEAK! WMC!!
  13. A3 (nightlife Tv) - Miami

    Thanks for the tip!
  14. Prediction: Best Parties of 2005?!

    Yes, there is. Go to http://www.wmcinsider.com and then click on Friday 25th then you'll find the flyer for the Radio 1 party at Nikki Beach. See you there!