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  1. Second Sun - New Album 4.19.05

    Another quick update: "The Spell" 12" is out today, if you want a free 192kbps mp3 of it, head over to this link: http://music.download.com/secondsun/3600-8263_32-100650623.html?tag=chart_edpix_artist
  2. Second Sun - New Album 4.19.05

    and here's that preview reel i promised: http://www.systemrecordings.com/secondsun/secondsun_previewreel.mp3 So check that out if you're interested. Its 5 mins long, has all the tracks on the cd. Not every last mix is spot on, but cut me a break...10 songs in 5 mins isn't that easy! Enjoy!
  3. Second Sun - New Album 4.19.05

    Here's the tracklisting for the 2xLP, also coming out on 4.19 TRACKLISTING 1. Pop Muzik (Second Sun Remix) 2. My Bed is Burning 3. Inside Out 4. Rock the West Side 5. Dawn 6. Playground 7. He Said She Said (Featuring Tiffany) 8. Love Simulator There will also be a vinyl release of The Spell/Everything out on April 5th
  4. Hey everybody Just wanted to stop by and let you know we're about to release Second Sun's first artist album on 4.19.05. Its available on iTunes now, and I'll be coming back in a few days with a link to a 5 minute preview reel of the record. Here's some info: LA-based live progressive house/trance duo, Second Sun, is composed of Antoine & Adam. Second Sun first stormed onto the international dance music scene with their single “Empireâ€, which was remixed by Paul Van Dyk and included on his huge selling compilation ‘The Politics of Dancing’. For their second single, Second Sun teamed up with Paul Van Dyk to produce “Crushâ€, featuring Antoine on vocals. The track’s “Vandit Dub†was first heard on PVD’s groundbreaking “Reflections†LP. With support from many of the world’s leading DJs, including Tiësto, PVD and Paul Oakenfold, “Crush†went all the way up to #1 on the U.K. Dance Charts. Now, Second Sun unveil their ten song debut full-length artist album ‘Inside Out’ on System Recordings - featuring the new single “The Spellâ€, as well as a remake of the classic 80’s song “Pop Muzik†and duet with former teen queen Tiffany on “He Said She Saidâ€. Look for Second Sun on tour in support of ‘Inside Out’. TRACKLISTING 1. Inside Out 2. Rock the West Side 3. Pop Muzik (Second Sun Remix) 4. My Bed is Burning 5. Everything 6. The Spell 7. Playground 8. Crush (With Paul Van Dyk) 9. Love Simulator 10. He Said She Said (Featuring Tiffany) Its also available to preorder on our website, you can check it out here: http://www.systemrecordings.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=149 Let us know what you think! PEACE