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  1. 1st time coming to Montreal. Thurs-Mon. Can someone chime in with where the hot spots are at? Hiphop vibe pls. What night to go where? Thanks ahead of time. SMX
  2. Nov.10th-12th/05... Clubs?

    I would appreciate some info... Haven't been in town since July 4th. Thurs/Fri/Sat... what are the hot spots? Hip hop for the music please. I read about some new clubs but not sure what nights play what. Thanks. SMX
  3. The 411 on Pure

    I agree... btw thanks for thursday OPM. June 30th/05.
  4. The 411 on Pure

    True for most clubs. But if you want to charge him an arm and a leg go right ahead. The contact above is very reliable. He calls the shots at Pure. Not some john doe doorman that you might know up front who pockets some cash from you. One thing I learned about vegas... avoid the hosts... go to the source. 90% of the time you will be hooked up free and no line as I was.
  5. The 411 on Pure

    Tues/Fri/Sat best nights for PURE. Weds TANGERINE. Here's a contact for both: For table reservations, or to be placed on a guestlist... BLAKE D. ANTHONY PURE Management Group Promotions and Special Events VIP Host PURE Nightclub [email protected] www.purelv.com
  6. Green Valley Ranch Pool Party

    I was at Rehab July 3rd... 1st time. I had a real good time. Friendly outgoing crowd. Beautiful people. I have never been to GVR so can't compare. Rehab was one of the highlights of my trip.
  7. July 4th Review...

    $60 each... past line and including cover. Had a hook up through a vip host. I heard some ppl paid a lot more.
  8. July 4th Review...

    Wow what a weekend. One of the best trips I've had. Tuesday-Pure (No line & free) Wednesday-Tangerine, then Lure (No line & free) Thursday-OPM (No line & free) Friday-Pure (No line & free) Saturday-Rain ($60 including cover) Sunday-Rehab & Body English ($60 including cover) Monday-Rumjungle (No line) Guestlist Tuesday to Friday. Special thanks to DJ masterweb and Blake Anthony. The best staff I have EVER delt with... Pure/Tangerine/OPM. From the doormen to the bartenders to vip... wow. Paid $60US a head for Rain... seemed like a 180 flip for service and staff. Never going back again. $60US for Body. All of the nights were off the hook. All except one. Worst night was a RAIN. What a joke. I have been there on Saturday Memorial Day weekend 2003/04. Used to be good. This time it was all guys. Like 80%, all standing around... huddled in their little groups. Plus the pool area was closed off. No outside dance floor. Overall a really boring crowd... from the time we got there to the time we left. Stayed at caesars from tues-sat. Hard Rock sun. Thehotel monday. Fav hotel is Mandalay. THEhotel... wow. I will be staying there from now on. SMX
  9. 4th of July Weekend baby!

    Or Tangerine for Wednesday, June 29th/05?
  10. Masterweb-

    DJ Masterweb... so for OPM guestlist Thursday, June 30th/05... what do I have to do to ensure I am on it? Call? Email?
  11. what kind of music does he play? what kind of music throughout the night on June [email protected]?
  12. Mix Wednesday June 29

    I don't have any plans for weds yet... only two of us. Might hit up Mix then Tangerine. Will we have a prob getting in?
  13. May 30-July 3

    I'm sure you mean June 30th. Right?
  14. Roll Call July 4th Weekend...

    "...skip general line." means? A different line or directly into the club? I will be staying at Caesars Tues-Sat so getting there early shouldn't be an issue.
  15. Looking for host entrance (bypass line). Please msg me prices for 4-6 males. And a question about guestlists... are they just for a separate line or directly into the club? 28th/Tues-Pure 30th/Thurs-OPM 1st/Fri-Pure 2nd/Sat-GhostBar/Rain/OPM 3rd/Sun-Body English 4th/Mon-Foundation Room Thanks, SMX