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  1. does MDMA mess up your back??

    dont worry bout back problems, im assuming by the time you get older there will be programs to turn youself into a cyborg... so you good..!!! keep rollin...
  2. AVB at Pacha 11/9 reviews

    dunno bout roseland, when i was there for pvd those bouncers were assholes, atleast in pacha they not that bad, it does suck when its mega packed like that though :-(
  3. AVB at Pacha 11/9 reviews

    it was pretty packed, but I had a blast with my friends, there was a lot of people on the dance floor though
  4. yo who likes our party @ avalon now? ?? ?

    i prefer trance :-P, but i guess cause i always end up going to parties with house music... but wtf is this hiphop you all talking about???? lol j/k, i havent been to avalon in a few years, maybe i should check it out, maybe new years for danny t... :-O
  5. do u know what time rebel will close by??
  6. where is everyone going after armin??? I'm prob gnna hit pacha
  7. 4 hours?? thats pretty wack, u 100% sure?? or u mean 6pm-10am (that would b sick, and long)
  8. 8pm-midnight.... where is the rest of the party??
  9. i was going to relaxe with clubbing till armin, but fuck it, i will be at pacha 2nite, i will try 2 rock the blue 4 u all :-O
  10. damn i remember last year when dt was in spirit and that blackout happened, that was a sick night ;-), lets see what happens this year
  11. anyone know what time armin goes on, and what time this will end by???
  12. song from pacha (DJ Vibe)

    sup i heard this song, it was the last track he played i think in june, hope someone can tell me the name of this http://www.derfliw.com/Song.mp3
  13. How was Ferry at Pacha

    word, that night was pretty sick, music was nice, the light shows were hott, was packed , only thing sucky was I had to leave a lil bit ealry :-(
  14. wasnt pacha shut down last night???? i went there and all the bouncers were leaving and they were putting everything back inside any1 know why????