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  1. Check this DVD out soon!

    I just saw this dvd at umvd called Gunner's Palace. It's about the soldiers in Iraq that live in one of Saddam's old Palaces. It's unique as it's told from the POV of the soldiers and music moves the flick. Sequences are played out to music. Check it out, I saw the trailer at the website, it comes out tomorrow. gunnerspalacedvd.com -Paul
  2. don't get me wrong, it's a decent movie and all but it's gotten WAAAY too much press. there are other really awesome movies out there! like, has anyone one here seen “Purple Butterfly†(surprisingly unknown considering that it stars the GORGEOUS Zhang Ziyi), “Bright Future†(super spooky Japanese film), “Dolls†(one of the most tragic/beautiful films I’ve ever seen) or “Last Life in the Universe (kinda like “Lost in Translation†but waaay more intense)? My roomie’s a UMVD intern and she brought back the DVDs and I absolutely loved them…they’re definitely in my top ten list of favorite Asian movies…if you want, you can check em out here. Don't let "HoFD' get all the hype! -tim