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  1. Hey everyone Ive been on the forums for a while but i really havent posted at all, Ive been keeping myself busy. I am a Tribal/Techno/Hardstyle DJ and im trying to get a scene going in NYC. I know there are a few Hard House DJs out in NY right now, I know merrit is doin his thing around the city. If you like the harder merrit stuff download my set. Its Hardstyle, Im just trying to get a feel for what people in the city think. I have tribal sets a long with techno sets if anyone is interested in taking a listen to them. Im getting nothing but good feedback on hardbase.net and globalhardstyle.com but they are all bassed overseas. Heres the link: http://www.megaupload.com/en/?d=29JWSUUW I have another link im going to post within the next few days that is broken up into tracks, has the cover art and cd label. Feedback is important, if you dont like it let me know...Im trying to bring myself up in the Club scene. If you want to here other genres I spin, let me know, Ill post links for download. Thanks a lot everyone. -DJ Vekta aka Shawn Oates
  2. Danny Tenaglia Halloween Bash @ Spirit, Fri 10/28

    Dont know if im getting dressed up, but im definitly gonna be there!!
  3. ***********!!

    OK i cant post wat i wanted to post here...