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  1. Any relaxed dress codes at afterhours or good clubs?

    LMAO.. why do i have a feeling you're talking about a friggin A/X tshirt with those damned diesel sneakers. UGH. lol.
  2. NYC girls on Spring Break!

    i really have a feeling we're not gonna go to rain... ive been readin shit and i'm not feelin it too much. and dee said there are no tables for that nite so im not gonna be squished like that. not a fan... i have a personal space issue. i need my space.
  3. NYC girls on Spring Break!

    thanks hun ) so far i feel we're gonna do: tangerine on wed Ra on thrsday pure on fri rain on sat i think this is whats gonna happen... but honestly, we mite wind up at opm too. who knows. we can leave some things up in the air for rite now. dee's been helpin me out alot. u guys are awesome. thanks! yea i live in the bronx-- all i listen to is hot97 and power105 )
  4. NYC girls on Spring Break!

    u know how we do in NYC ;o)
  5. NYC girls on Spring Break!

    we're mostly into rap/reggae/hiphop
  6. NYC girls on Spring Break!

    Hey Everyone, 3 of my gfs and I are coming to Vegas from NYC on March 23 - March 27. We'll be staying at the Mirage. We've heard mixed things about the VIP stuff and also where it's good each night... Anyone care to help us out?