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  1. Spirit review

    u missed this set on sat it was out of control. i never heard mixing and track selection like this. I was blown away......................................
  2. Deep Dish Review Crobar 3/19

    I was at crobar till like 230 then went to spirit both where cool. obvioulsy spirit was more comfortable cause it was emptier. dean coleman was very good.
  3. Spirit review

    Exacta is sooo nasty. He has only been around doing house for like 2 years or so just think in 2 more years????? Honestly its scary to think of his talent level.
  4. Spirit review

    exacta ripped it up man..... best set ive heard in a while!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Real Most Underrated DJ in NYC

    this goes to my boy Exacta.... hands down so far in march he has played the main room of SPACE MIAMI this past saturday SPIRIT CROBAR next friday and Has a residency in ENGLAND... and is an artist on Subliminal Records... a year ago he was playing at deep his first house gig.... keeps getting better... same cool mofo.....