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  1. green velvet?

    For Its Time Flash Was One Of The Greatest Songs. It Came Out At The Time All The Limelight And Tunnel Nonsense Was Going On.
  2. Freestyle The Movie !!!!

    I came across an old freestyle cd and starting laugh thinking of when i was 14 in junior high and had an idea for freestyle the movie. I want to make all the actors where cavarichis and keds. also braided tails are a must. who do you all think we should cast for the film here are some of my ideas. 1. John Leguizamo as Johnny O 2. Penelope Cruz as Judy Torres 3. Vin Diesel as Coro 4. Salmea Hayek as India 5. Who would ya rather have as TKA the backstreet boyz or Ensynch LOL I think the movie would be hysterical
  3. what's your favorite borough...

    I love manhattan cause the apartments are soo cheap and reasonable I love brooklyn when I want to get away and not see any guidos. I love queens because the traffice is so light and easy to drive around I love staten island cause it never smells like the garbage dumps and finally i love the bronx for its beautifully well kept scenery and buildings. lol
  4. going to greece need suggestion

    i will def be there july 31-2 and i think i am also gonna be there from the 26-30 of july i promise if you guys show me around mykonos i will take care of you in south beach i have been living here for the past 4 years working in nightlife. the same goes for you stereo you guys have been too nice.
  5. going to greece need suggestion

    I have another question when i am in mykonos does it make sense to stay on paradise beach i saw a resort that looks like soo much fun. paradise resort. paradise-greece.com or am i better staying in town? I sincerely appreciate all your advice
  6. going to greece need suggestion

    i heard cavo paradiso is amazing. i cant wait. I am really going on a limited budget but if i am traveling alone where do you recommend i stay to meet alot of other young travelers. I am a 28 year old straight male so hoping to fall in love with alot of greek, swedish, and italian women. LOL
  7. my best friend is getting married in greece in the island of paros at the end of july I plan on spending most of my week in mykonons any suggestions if i travel alone where to stay to meet a ton of people and where to party. thanks for your help
  8. whats your fav 5 tunes at the moment...

    exacta flippin
  9. I Am Trying To Put A Cd Of Some Of The Greatest Songs Of The Past 12-16 Months To Give You An Idea Of What I Like My Fav Songs Of The Past Year Are 1. My My My: Armand Van Helden 2.good Luck: Tim Deluxe Funked Mix I Am Open To Suggestions So What Else Do You Think
  10. In My Opinon The Evolution Of House Music

    Are you for real? I wrote the thing more of an introspective point of view. with my opinion of what i personally witnessed. i actually thought there were some funny points about kids all of a sudden raving till dawn ( get the pun silly) and jenko jeans. it wasnt supposed to be a factual documentation. more of an opening for people to add there personal experience of how that witnessed this world of dance we have to today. and yes i am from new york home to house music, and home and birthplace to the best dj's and producers in the world. as a matter of fact i'm not sure of anything that wasn't started in new york. so do me a favor and go back to san diego or wherever you are from and save us all your negativeity.
  11. In My Opinon The Evolution Of House Music

    had alot of with that site props to you
  12. In My Opinon The Evolution Of House Music

    but i think the personal stories are funnier and more real. granted i was a little drunk when i wrote eveything so i am not expecting it to be perfect. but some of my comments are very true about kids who all of a sudden bought those rave till dawn cd's and entered my world. or jenko coming out with pants ready made. i am sure you have great stories and experiences with your life and going out to nightclubs and music. you should share em.
  13. In My Opinon The Evolution Of House Music

    the commentary i wrote was more an introspective view of my experiences of house. not necessarily the acurate history. but thanks for all the info i am def gonna check all those links.
  14. After the post of who was the first dj i ever heard i started thinking about how house music came to be. 1. first: there was disco (which was before my time so i really cant comment on it.) 2. After disco there was freestyle. Mic Mac records ruled the world from like 1986-1989 3 some where along the line became hip house ala doug lazy, chuck chillout, maurice, etc. 4. now the best house ever came out. songs like follow me, break for love, french kiss, blackout (not the one that came out like 5 years ago for you new kids. I'm talkng about the lil louis version.) 5. then techno remeber the 611 people they used to kill it. for example nigel richards, who if i am corrects o/d/. No disrepect Frankie Bones, micro, adam x and everyone else from nyc who helped create this scene. at this point jenko didnt exist we were sewing extensions into our pants to make them flair out at the bottom 6.. after that things started to change you would see the kid in high school who would never do anything out of the norm show up at limelight. except he couldnt make fun of you cause he was in your house. 7.. then came a new phase everyone was into it.every idiot was raving till dawn. lol 8. jungle was hot for like 30 seconds 9. then things got quiet for like 5 years unless things were new to you and you consider the second soundfactory the first soundfactory. 10. present day.. house is back... the songs are hotter than eva the movement is growing.. we didnt do or grow as large as hip hop did but no sweat cause our time is coming!!! Let me know your thoughts do you think i got it right or tell me where your expereinces differed.
  15. who was the 1st House DJ you heard?

    first club had to be escapes in long island on teen night in 1989, french kiss was the greatest record that year. we would also battle other kids and dance all night. some of my other first records were maurice, this is acid, and doug lazy let the rythmn pump. Also deskee, let there be house was one of my favorites. Also i cant forget break for love. my first older teen experience was probably limelight the dj was most likely gonzo and I was hooked for every.