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  1. My Updated Club Review

    This is my first post... and I have to say that this forum is great. I just got stationed up at Nellis in September and this forum has really helped me out... thanks BillLe and everyone else. Thought it was time to give my 2 cents. I'll start off by saying that I have never had a bad time at BE or Foundation Room. 2 great places. The music, the enviroment, the girls.... esp the girls.... amazing nights. Let's start with the Foundation Room... def. a place you have to go if you're visiting Vegas. Just the view itself is unforgettable. Whenever your not feeling the music they're playing... you can always just go to a different room. No negatives. BE.............is also great. Always beautiful women. Prob. b/c that's the only ppl let in after a certain time. If you get there late and there's already a line, you'll either have to be a group of hot girls, or be a guy with a group of really hot girls. Unless you tip the host or know BillLe. I'll agreed with someone else... the music is different... but real good. Love the mixes, but not feeling the 4 am, time for everyone to bounce music. Pure......... This is another place that if you get there late... you'll never get in or you have to hook up the host. So don't waste your time. I really like this place. Good music and sick environment. A few things I don't like... expensive drinks with not much alcohol. This club is the worst i've seen dealing w/ that. I always tend to hit up the bar by the Sports Book right outside. Also... dance floor is real small, always packed. The outside bar is sick... Went a few weekends ago when is was warm... everyone was having a good time... plus saw some NFL Chargers Players chillin in the VIP cabanas. A Place you have to see. Studio 54.... when i firsted moved out here... I loved 54. But not so much anymore. It's been losing it's crowd on 2 big nights (Tues and Sat.) to Pure. I got to Pure late on a Sat. night so I wound up at 54... crowd was lousy and the music was poor. I got a few questions of you guys..... Curve... went there a few times... have never seen a good crowd. Has anyone seen that place bumpin? I have a bunch of friends coming out for my birthday next weekend. I want to go to BE but I heard Motley Crue was playing. Don't know if that's true or not. If that is true... where else is bumpin on Sunday's. Also... can you fill me in some more about Rehab.... what are good days to go? Is it just a good place to chill by the pool and get drunk? Next thing i'd like to discuss is Wednesday Night. Like 54, I used to have a really good time at Tangerine, but not so much anymore. I've been there a few times since New Years and it's always been a sausage fest. I went there one night at 11 and there was no crowd. Finally ended up leaving at 1230 and when i walked out the line was huge. But out of the approx. 30-40 ppl on line... there was literally 2 girls. So I'm trying to decide where to bring my friends on Wednesday Night.... has anyone been to VIVID for Wed? I have about 10 friends coming out... and was wondering if anyone could hook me up w/ guestlists. That would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone.... and once again... love the forum. Paul