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  1. Need Advice (visiting Lv June 17-20)

    Hi! I sent you a PM. I think I can help
  2. Good Names For A Nightclub

    i thought meat farm was a good one!
  3. Le Bete at Wynn is awesome!

    No, he's right! The water fall makes this place! Some tables are def better than others. I heart La Bete!
  4. Everybody ready for the Wynn?!

    actually le bete had a soft opening. so did lure (the ulta lounge). i was at la bete on wednesday. very cool. big monster feet ever where and a crazy waterfall with a big statue. carefull next weekend...la bete will be closed to the public on sat and sun (mr. wynn is having a private party).
  5. April 19-22nd?

    Wednesdays are for Tangerine! It's got burlesque girls, a patio with a pirate show, and me...
  6. what clubs are good on what nights?

    Wed- Tangerine @ TI Thu- Pure @ Caesar's Fri- Foundation Room @ Mandalay Bay Sat- ICE Sun- Body English @ Hard Rock I may be able to help you out with Guest List Access.