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  1. Change Clothes and Go:Dress Code

    This is childish to argue about. I'm simply saying that clubs are not the predominant places to go in new orleans. yes there are a few, but most people dont go there. Ive been to metro formerly city lights several times and 735, but most people here have not. If clubs in Vegas and L.A. are like Metro then I will be disappotined and they weren't very strict about anything there. The majority of places are bars are like Razoos, Pat O's, Fats, Boot, Grist, F&ms...etc. I was simply saying I don't know about the club scene b/c its not as prevalent here as it is in L.A. or NY or Houston or Atlanta or Vegas. Thats all, I dont know much about the club scene and it is not as prevalent in New Orleans.
  2. Change Clothes and Go:Dress Code

    Not accurate???? Oh yeah where are you from? Name one place in new orleans comparable. Name one place w/ dress codes, line...etc.
  3. Change Clothes and Go:Dress Code

    Thank you for clarifying and I apologize, I didn't see that guys post. I fully understand the reason for the dress codes and that the bouncers follow them strictly b/c half the people in the place think they are and repeatedly say they are "someone". I dont disagree w/ the policies, it was just that the websites kept saying "fashionable attire" and being from the south I just wanted some clarification to make sure I know what to bring so that I can comply and have a great time. I thought the comments were directed at me, not some ass who thinks hes special and rules shouldnt apply to him.
  4. Change Clothes and Go:Dress Code

    Thanks a lot Mr. Vegas and I might want to contact you about passes or VIP. Sorry if I sounded ignorant or like I had been "dropped on my head" but New Orleans consists of 1) bars (where anything and i mean anything is allowed and the dance floor is the top of pool tables) that only use dress code to eliminate cheapskate ghetto thugs, but in essence is totally illusory 2) lounges or private clubs that require more formal attire (suits or nice dress slacks and blazer) and there codes are extremely strict and bend for no one. There isn't really a true "club scene", so I don't really know what to expect from apparently gastapo like bouncers and if I dont have to pack dress slacks and shoes, because boots and jeans will work, then I dont want to do it. I apologize to anyone offended or annoyed by my questions, but I'm from a different culture. People aren't all from L.A. or N.Y. and common sense varies from location and experience. I think most on here realize that, but if youre one that doesnt wake up, there is no need to be pretentious condescending pricks simply because someone is unaware of the customs of your city.
  5. best jeans?

    Many are not tapered at the bottom, mine arent. I wear cowboy boots w/ room to spare. These brands if you look online have tons of different designs from looser fitting to basically cutting off circulation to your testicles, also no one really has tapered except Wal-Mart most are straight leg whihc might just look tapered to you, but many sell jeans w/ slight flare at bottoms. Just go to a jean store and try on a shitload and youre bound to find one you like.
  6. best jeans?

    Best jeans are True Religion, Paper Denim, Chip & Pepper and seven. Sven is ultra trendy so I stopped buying a little over a year ago. The others I found I like the best, except True Religion needs to come out w/ more men's styles.
  7. hair products

    May want to try a wax mist. Behead and paul mitchell make them as well as some more high end product lines. The mist holds and allows you to shape, but doesnt give it thet immobile look or like you have gel in your hair. Much better than paste or wax sticks that tend to put too much in your hair. Wax mist/spray is the best way to go.
  8. cargos...

    Cargos are dated, please dont try and wear them. Go back to jeans there is a huge selection now. If you want good jeans look at 7 or true religion (my two favorite), just not the destroyed true religion. Also paper denim and chip & pepper are decent. They havent taken jeans away, there is more selection now than ever and all styles from nice to ghetto to punk.
  9. Would this be a good look, LOL!

    Lord no!!! Where is that tijuana?
  10. Change Clothes and Go:Dress Code

    I am 24 yr old law student goign to Vegas for first time April 8-10. I am from New Orleans and not familiar with the club scene. I see fashionable attire required. Can you tell me if I am stylish? I normally wear a nice modern button up (Givenchy or 7 diamonds), all black or dark grey pnstripe Burberry blazer, True Religion jeans and full quill ostrich skin boots and belt (light tan w/ the bumps). Also nice silver watch stylish hair, no hats or anything. Sorry if I sound like an ass for naming labels, but that seems to be important to these places. So would I get in to these clubs dressed like thator do I need stereotypical black shoes and slacks?
  11. I am going to Vegas for the first time with a bunch of guys April 8-10. I am 24 yr old law student and 3 or 4 of us are going to go out while the rest go to the strip clubs. If I want to go to Body English or one of the other big clubs what is the dress code. I keep reading fashionable attire. I am from New Orleans and am not very familiar with the club scene. Can I wear a nice stylish (7 diamond) button up, a black or pinstripe Burberry blazer, True Religion Jeans (not ripped or anything) and ostrich skin boots. I am often told this is fashionable, but not sure if the jeans and boots are ok under Vegas standards. Any help would be appreciated