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  1. JP or Oakenfold. Where are u goin??

    JP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See everyone tonight dave
  2. Who's at Spirit this Friday?

    I think there is asian party going on @ spirit d
  3. Live Video AVB @ Spirit

    did anyone else have trouble loading that link? thanks d
  4. Anyone going to see Armin this Friday??????

    See everyone there! Dave
  5. Hey everyone! I want to check out Avalon on saturday 6/4 with a couple of friends.. Does anyone know where i can get comps or get on a guestlist? Thanks Dave
  6. Roger Sanchez @ Crobar, Sat May 28

    what type of crowd does sanchez draw in?
  7. Anybody have a guestlist for 5/20 @ crobar

    thanks bro d
  8. Heading to crobar with a couple of friends tomorrow, anybody have a guestlist or comps? thanks d
  9. how old are you guys / gals...............

    22, woodside, queens...
  10. Where do you work?

    Manager @ a gamestop in queens... d
  11. Any Disco reviews?

    Their was not fight, it was cops busting balls.. d
  12. Any Disco reviews?

    It had a ok crowd because of the crobar incident... d
  13. Anyone going to Boris @ Crobar?

    Went to disco after crobar got raided and i believe they played it also. Disco was actually good. I think crobar got hit up by the fire marshall. Boris started to play good right before the cops came and shut it down. Curious if the people who had just gone in will get there 30 bux or more back? d
  14. MTV true life im a clubber

    Thanks for the upload.. d
  15. PvD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ill be there... d