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  1. I am arriving in vegas with some friends this thursday and was wondering what club recommendations are there for each night from thursday through friday? I'd really appreciate the input.
  2. what is poppin on Mar 31-Apr 3

    Thanks djmasterweb and mrvegas for the willingness to help me out in vegas. I will definitely refer my friends to you if they ever plan to go out there.
  3. what is poppin on Mar 31-Apr 3

    Thanks for the reply. My friend wants to also know what clubs to hit up no matter what they play and which ones have a good girl to guy ratio (girls in their twenties).
  4. what is poppin on Mar 31-Apr 3

    My friends and I are gonna be in town and are wondering what spots are going to be the places to hit up. We are all 26 years old and prefer the hip hop scene, but are open to other venues. If there are any guest lists available on those days. Much help would be appreciated. Thanks.