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  1. In conjunction with his birthday join Noel Sanger and Jose Mata on May 1st as the "Sphere of Influence Tour" invades Gryphon Nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Americas Tour Winter/Spring 2009 To fans of electronic music the world over, the name Noel Sanger is a familiar one, either through his own relentless touring (including two years as Tiesto's chosen US tour-mate), his productions and remixes which regularly grace the sets of the world's biggest DJ's, his five nationally released DJ mix CD's, or his programming and engineering work for frontline artists such as Tiesto, BT, and Markus Schulz. Now, with "Sphere Of Influence" (Moist Music 2009) his first DJ mix compilation since 2003's "Summerbreeze 2" (Nettwerk America), Noel returns to the decks for his finest work yet, blurring the lines and bending the genre's as few can. Throughout the 74 minute expedition he effortlessly blends the elements of house, trance, and techno into a cohesive and accessible dance-floor experience, his trademark melodies and emotional transitions perfectly coupled with floor-wrecking beats proven at clubs and festivals from Shanghai to Miami. It also features an exclusive and original track from Noel, called "Hemisphere", which will be released and promoted by Moist Music on an exclusive basis as the lead single from the compilation. "Since my last commercially released mix I've done dozens of tracks and remixes for some of the best dance labels in the world, and they have been played mercilessly by the world's best DJ's." says Noel. "It's amazing and I am incredibly blessed. But besides making tracks for DJ's to buy and play, right now I am super-excited to bring my sound directly to the people who make it all possible, the fans, the clubbers all over the world, in a package they can hold in their hands. I hope everyone enjoys these tunes as much as I do!"
  2. This is my promo for the "Solar Sessions Tour" with Markus Shultz and Noel Sanger. Just a taste of what they are gonna get in Jamaica Maybe I will see some of you ClubPlanet peeps out there!!!! Right Click "Save Target As" or just click to "Stream" http://www.floridasclubscene.com/solarsessionspromo.mp3 http://www.djjosemata.com
  3. Clubplanet Party.. West Palm Beach!

    Tonights The Night!!!!!!
  4. I don't really post on here but I feel like im pretty active for a new member You on the other hand are the POST MASTER!!! LOL J
  5. Clubbing in West Palm Beach

    Lots of new things developing!!
  6. Clubplanet Party.. West Palm Beach!

    Listed as one of the HOT Parties on the HOMEPAGE...... GET ON THE LIST!!!!!!!
  7. FloridasClubScene.com and ClubPlanet team up!!

    Dont worry........ gonna be real easy, real soon! Joe
  8. SCION ANYONE? Scion sponsors Clubplanet

    I am the Internet Sales Manager for a SCION dealership in West Palm Beach. Scion is one of the MAIN sponsors for ClUBPLANET. If you are intrested in purchasing a Scion I can definatately help you out NO dealer Fee and FREE TIRES and Batteries for the life of your SCION if you service it at my dealership I wish I could have a special CLUBPLANET discount but Scion has what they call PURE PRICING!... NO higher NO less..... Only incentive I can offer is the ones my dealer offers NO Dealer Fee is pretty rare .... Hit me up Joe Mata 561-719-4209
  9. FloridasClubScene.com and ClubPlanet team up!!

    Its definately gonna be CRAZY!!!
  10. Proud to announce that FloridasClubScene.com is now going to be part of the CLUBPLANET.COM network!!!!!!! Thats right. Expect some big changes in the near future!! I look forward to the things that we are going to be doing together!! Lots of new parties and promotions All you Miami People GET READY!!!
  11. because u demanded it. another club question

  12. Morrilo Reviews?

    Morillo <------------- Over Rated .....Over Paid...