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  1. Memorial Day Weekend

    There are going to be two places. La Bete is a restaurant which will turn into a nightclub at ~11pm ala rumjumgle (but much more upscale). Lure is an ultralounge ala Tabu in the MGM Grand.
  2. Memorial Day Weekend

    I'd be careful about setting my Memorial Day nightclub plans in stone. Who knows what will happen to a lot of the top clubs like Body English etc. once the nightclubs at Wynn open.
  3. Club Reviews

    Thanks for the info, I'll make sure the OPM review gets updated ASAP. As for the whole anonymity thing, I can't remember which one of my partners actually registered the site, but if you want to meet me/us, we can always set something up. Best, Rob
  4. Club Reviews

    Yeah thanks. We were going for the whole unbiased-reviews thing.