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  1. Great PVD Interview

    http://www.internetdj.com/article.php?storyid=699 Brand new, he talks about topping the DJ rankings, coming to New York and what exactly went wrong with the SF Love Parade. A must for all PVD fans, well a must for Dance music fans period. The full 20 minute audio interview link is down the bottom after the shortened transcript. Enjoy
  2. Ultra Reviews!!!!!!!

    As somebody who has been to festivals all over Europe I can't believe how shoddy this one was. The organisation was miserable and who ever Ultra got to take care of the sound should be shown to the guillotine. Timo Mass, Mylo and Oakenfold all spoiled by a messed up sound system, that's unforgivable. But fair play to those of you in the tents I couldn't take the heat in those ovens, too much for me. Still The Chemical Brothers saved the day, what a stellar performance. They were in a class of their own. I can't believe there are good reviews for this mess and i can only assume that those of you who thought it was great were: a) Thirteen and happy to be out of Mummies sight for 5 minutes. So wasted on pills you might as well have been at a line dancing event. c) Your first festival and nothing to compare it to. I have a stinking suspicion that © is the winner, which is very sad. Maybe next year they will fix the mistakes and give a festival worthy of the city, they sure have a lot to make up for.
  3. John Digweed

    I was down at Union Square earlier tonight for the screening of "It's all gone Pete Tong" got there a bit early and wandered into Virgin to browse the shelves. To my surprise John Digweed was spinning downstairs in the Dance section. Now my surprise wasn't the fact he was there but more in the fact that only about 20-30 people turned up to see him. Where were you all???
  4. Ultra Music Fest In Nyc??

    Perfect location would be Battery park. Plenty of space, excellent location well served by public transport, has held concerts before and because it's not a business district the area can be easily locked down at night and on weekends.
  5. Well usually for these things an hour suffices but don't take my word for it, clubheads are unpredictable as you know some are used to waiting in line for ages others are used to being on the guestlist so it's hard to know who will turn up when. I myself am planning on arriving 45 minutes beforehand. Could be 20 people there, could be 400 impossible to know.
  6. I forgot to mention, be sure to get there early as space is limited.
  7. Internetdj.com presents: It's All Gone Pete Tong A hilarious look at the life of legendary DJ Frankie Wilde Exclusive pre-release screening for internetdj.com and the NYC clubbing community. When: March 31, 2005 8:00 PM (THIS THURSDAY!) Where: Regal Union Square 14 RSVP at http://www.matsonfilms.com/rsvp to get your free pass If you think you might be interested but are not sure get a flavour for the film at http://www.internetdj.com/article.php?storyid=579 Quicktime plugin required. See you there