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  1. Wet Grooves Events - WMC Miami

    whats the deal already with the update for Kiss? It was supposed to be out already!
  2. Ultra Carry on

    No clue. I know there is one afterparty confirmed but i wonder if they will have one on the 23rd also... doubt it. It wont be at AAA this year either. I hate how they have an afterparty with an artist that they dont get for Ultra. Id pay to see the artist do a longer set at an afterparty after seeing them at Ultra.
  3. Ultra Question

    two years ago from bayfront park i took the bus after Ultra and BT got on with some big guy and three girls. The trasnportation is fine and not too pricey, and you never know who will be riding it with ya.
  4. Rumors are spreading quick that the two will "merge" and form a 2 day festival - instead of having a week gap between the two - having artist complications and so forth. WOOHOO - hope its a true rumor!
  5. I'd love to see some change in the trance scene. Much more of it lol. Also, many old trance artists are back out again. Darude, 4 strings, ian van dahl, cosmic gate, etc. Also, love to see some psy trance like Skazi (Ultra should take him, he sells huge crowds all around the world), Infected Mushroom again for the new cd coming out January, Yahel, etc.
  6. I lost all respect for GG. I loved them in England, but in Miami? Messing with the fans of electronic music and taking them from Ultra. Turnsout both go down, not one will be victorious. GG could go anywhere else... why not Cali? They have a large music scene... larger than anywhere else in the states year round. With contracts, many DJ's dont want to sign. Why have competition in a scene that needs to grow and catch up to mainstream in AMerica like it is around the world? Spread GG to other parts of the states, not MIAMI, or at least not so close to WMC and Ultra.
  7. Will events still be at the shelbourne this year? I mean cause the hotel sponsoring the WMC this year is different.
  8. Wonder if GG will be coming back. I honestly dont want them to. WIth all the rights for performers and what not, it was a mess and Ultra kinda blew because of that.
  9. Hope they make the DVD from last year. They were insane
  10. Best live act and favorites of mine. The guys are down to earth, the music is amazing, and wow.
  11. Hope there is no GG this year. That ruined Ultra soo bad. Bring the trance acts to ULTRA!
  12. I remember someone said there will be one, and that they took the name off as orchestra for corrections to classify the entire name. However now on Oakie's site and on the two new flyers for ultra, there is nothing next to Oakie. That blows. I was so excited to see how trance would work with a live orchestra performance. That would have been huge. ANyword on this at all guys?...Ultra... even though you never read posts anymore here or on other sites.
  13. hope it is cheaper. Since he is only playing 4 hours instead of his show the next day, this one should be around 40 i would assume... will this be 18 or 21? ive never been to mansion, not sure age wise there
  14. Cosmic Gate?

    Wow, only them from 11pm-5am? no way... that would kill if it was true
  15. Not complaining at all, love this trance in effect line up. Was he the last one to be added? Or are you all pulling off another name for this insane night?