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  1. I need to find ou the name of this track!

    Both on Sleaze Industries Either DJ Pedro & Terry G, Remix By Dave Armstrong "Funk All Star" or DJ Pedro & Terry G, Rmx By DJ Dig And Robbie Riviera "Funk All Star" Remixes The Rivera mix is what I've heard played out the most but I like the orig and armstrong mixes.... slammin hard disco
  2. I had to punch him in the arm every other block on the drive back to the condo to keep him awake... and it was about 6 o'clock! Yeah I'd say that's light-weight. Next time Frosty orders drinks, maybe he should get kiddie's size? Ol' Frosty tries to keep up but he knows Cinci's party champ is JOHNZY.... Here's a pic of him trying to stay conscious: Two hands on the wheel! haha
  3. Good to meet you Mark, don't let Frosty fool you I was pouring his drink into my cup after he had about 2, then I still had to slap him to keep him awake on the ride home.... What's up to Maria and That Quiet Girl With You, see you next time around johnzy
  4. Desyn Masiello Track ID!!!!!!!

    Good source for radio1 essential mix tracklistings http://www.essentialmix.ca/ You're looking for Slam - 'This World (Instrumental) (Soma)
  5. Mansion review 3/26

    I'd say he was the 'least best' of who we saw, okay. But when you say worst, it's like he sucked. Any other time you would have loved him but you're comparing him to Morillo, Sanchez, etc. -- they're in another league for sure. But Guetta still very, very solid.
  6. WMC track id ?

    If it's the same record Guetta played at Mansion.... DJ PEDRO & TERRY G - Funk All Star (Dave Armstrong Rmx) or DJ Pedro & Terry G, Rmx By DJ Dlg And Robbie Riviera Funk All Star Remixes Both on Sleaze Industries
  7. Mansion review 3/26

    Frosty you fawker.... you were asleep at our teeny tiny VIP area most of the night -- Guetta was very, very solid and would have been stellar in another venue. But the setup at mansion sucks, all sprawled out with no real dance area, crowded VIP and a HEINOUS hip-hop room in the back with SHITTY VIP. I could have heard those wack tracks on the RADIO back in Cinci. But if you could pull yourself up to the front Guetta's selection and mixing were TIGHT. Agree tho, if you aren't throwing thousands around down there they could care less about you, promises or reservations all go out the window when you arrive at the door.... We should have gone to Crobar. Hmmmm, who was saying that all along? That's be me, ya bulldog.....