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  1. yep yep Asseteria is always bringing suprises steve angello on sunday for assteria and open bar tonight for uranus at temple with merritt....angellos has been bringing out bangers after bangers and i cant wait for sundays set
  2. Straight afterhours?

    Does anybody know any good afterhour spots this weekend that are straight...i kno victor calderone is at crobar and junior at spirit but those are mostly gay im looking for a place to get some hottt chickss
  3. Wow im more and more inpressed with discotheque..the crowds getting better and so is the music and ontop of it this week DJ Boris is there cant wait
  4. it always has a good crowd and a good vibe...show up early its free till 7am
  5. Merritt at discotheque free AHHHHHHHHH

    good good....its u usually 30 bucks to get in there and they are doing a free night finally
  6. Merritt= great music, free=even better, afterhours=awesome...count me in there.......everyone one else?
  7. Ive heard many things about this legendaryyy party, anyone else goin....
  8. very interesting lineup....i havent heard romero in a while he always rips it up though im really excited to hear him subliminal always has the best vibe
  9. Johnny at DISCO WHHHAAAAA!!!!

    YES SIR! good old discotheque afterhours
  10. Anyone hear about tribal madness at show this sunday....this should be fun
  11. Johnny at DISCO WHHHAAAAA!!!!

    cant wait for this to unfold, johnny is an amazing person and an amazing DJ good thing hes coming around now im def there
  12. Erick Morillo Birthday Bash!!!

    I am really looking forward to this party, Erick is one of my favorite DJs for a long time already and I am really excited that he is coming around more and more in NYC he is finally getting what he deserves and thats respect internationally everyone should come out to this party and understand what I am talking about
  13. erick morillo is the man!! his new cd is phenomenal and his parties are always awesome...cant wait for this night