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  1. Remember When

    remember when there was a drug board and it wasn't in london. those were good times. oh and when rollrgirl used to tell her stories, i thought they were interesting. oh and especially that guy who use to talk about his experiences in great detail. *Sigh*
  2. has anybody tried....

    oh the weather is lovely here. ooops! looks like you got me!! wow is someone paranoid. i just asked a question, much like others do on the board. perhaps your the narc here. hmmmm p.s going to try it tonight, see how it goes...if it is all bs. i'll report back
  3. I read a few months ago on the board about pre and post loading before taking x and how good it is becasue it gives you a better roll. Has anybody tried this? the post was more informational than any actual experiences. Anyone want to share on this one?
  4. the eX friend

    Is it good to snort x? Do you think it does anything or it's jut better to drop it? Also, is it bad to drink alot of alcohol before you do x?
  5. Good raves/clubs in Texas?

    To the gal in plano, have you found anything yet? I heard of some shows at clubs nearby, depending on the djs sometimes theres a good turnout . I think houston and san antonio have more than plano and austin. i'd check for stuff there, but it is a longer drive. though the plus side is there are good connections in houston for party favors.
  6. South Spain

    I know that Madrid and Barcelona in Spain are really hot spots for DJs, but does anyone know if Seville or Cadiz have a scene? I'll be there for summer and I was looking for some entertainment while I'm there. Ibiza is on my list as well, does anyone have tips on going there and when it's best? Any info helps!
  7. I just moved to Austin, Texas and I heard there was a badass rave scene, but there doesn't seem to be one anymore. Does anyone know where to go to listen to some damn good house/trance (and roll, hehe)?
  8. blue ladies?

    Tried the blue ladies, but it was in the south. these were some pretty good rolls, lasted a while and hit me hard at the beginning. definately worth it.