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  1. Song ID

    it's space. i agree, wearing sunglasses at night in a club (or anywhere else for that matter) redefines the word DORK, but space is an outdoor afterhours. it's like, sunny & stuff, so sunglasses are justified in that setting.
  2. Party All the Time

    That's happened a handfull of times to me as well. I listen to the track @the store, get all excited & buy it, get home & think why the hell did i just drop $13 for this shitty record? lol as for "let's get ill" if some newbie dj made it & the song had zero hype around it, i dont think ANYONE wouldve given it a second listen. there's tons of tunes that are strictly big b/c of the hype that surrounds them or b/c some "big name" dropped them. that's why when i shop, i try to shoot for the lesser-known record stores that carry shit that everyone & their mother isn't already hammering.
  3. CD Duplication?

    I do duping, but the rate is about $2.10/cd, which includes: 1-sided, full-color j & tray cards cd thermal printing (one-color) silver/silver front-back cdrs cd dup jewel case (black or clear) shrink wrap min order 250 cds never heard of a $1/cd rate for anything but just the CD dup itself maybe
  4. World Hold On (Guetta/Garraud Mix)

    anyone else think it bastardizes the original? I mean it's cool for a peak-hour banger, but it guts the vibe that the track is basically based on. plus there's already 6545675786841678867BILLION songs that sound like that... i dunno.
  5. Party All the Time

    that track blew donkey balls. haven't heard party all the time, but it sounds like it'd reeeeeeeeeek of cheese. still willing to give it a listen.
  6. Gorillaz - Dare (Chab remix)

    I was more of a fan of Aude's mix & Junior's Apeshit Rmx
  7. Erick Morillo Track ID

    duh... m'bad. pretty cool track. on a side note, do check out the dj sneak track if you already haven't. there's like 8 billion rmxs; i personally dig the armand van helden one.
  8. Erick Morillo Track ID

    sounds kinda like DJ Sneak - Funky Rhythm
  9. lol... no, no baseball cards, but i do have an amazing porn collection haha. honestly though, i thought offering up a trade would be nicer than simply asking to leech a song. whatever tho. and rayrays69, thx for the heads up, ill keep that in mind.
  10. yep. and i still love both rhythm ready & pressure. haha.
  11. can someone send a copy of this? i'll trade something interesting for it hehe.
  12. "This is Miami"

  13. WMC Song IDs

    Awesome! 1 down, 1 to go. Irony is, I've had this song for like -- ever, lol. Just forgot about it soon after I picked it up.
  14. WMC Song IDs

    Hey, just got back from Miami today. 2 quick song ids for anyone who was at Space for the PvD/Sander K show (or anyone who might be able to help out w/the song ids in general). Anyhow, here are the songs: 1 - PvD set genre/description: hard vocal trance, male vocals lyrics: "you are... the only... the only thing i need (or it might be HEAR not NEED)" he played it right before "time of our lives." Ferry Corsten also played it in his set. 2 - Sander Klienenberg genre/description: electro house, male vocals lyrics: "this is not new york... this is not chicago... this is not ibiza... this is not london... (goes thru another 12 billion cities, then music drops out)... THIS. IS. MIAMI!!! (then the music BANGS)" anyone???? your help would be GREATLY appreciated.