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  1. Sasha & Digweed @ Mansion

    it IS digweed at pacha this saturday so i dunno what all that is about . i have always prefered the two of them together thats when the magic happens but i heard mixed reviews about them at mansion. can't say, didn't go ...anyway hopefully saturday with digweed will be good.
  2. can anyone send me a copy of peter bailey -pushin beats ...? my sn is girlygal1k
  3. Why Victor was not at POSH.

    even though victor has a huge gay crowd....he is not (at least openly) gay ...he has a wife and a small child and eww...posh.
  4. AVH vs. Boris

    yea i would love love love to go somewhere other than crobar or pacha on my birthday (i'm at both all the time as well as other places) but i would rather see all of my friends. i think march 3 for boris's party the theme is threesomes and all groups of 3 girls or 1 guy 2 girls get in free.... It's too bad about armand because i love him as a producer as well. stereo is fun but usually not till afterhours and it would be wayyy to crack for some of my friends (by the way....how cracked out is that elmo ...and the john lennon painting on the way out haha)
  5. AVH vs. Boris

    my birthday's two saturdays from now and i want to have it somewhere with house where everyone ( 20+ friends) can get in ...armand van helden will be at crobar/ studio and boris will be at pacha....i know musically there is no comparison but i don't know what will be a better party... does avh still have big following in NY? i've never heard him live here...
  6. in case you needed another reason not to go to crobar/ studio/ mezmor whatever lol i was browsing on myspace the other day and came across a flyer for this saturday that claimed "providence saturday's are moving to studio mezmor" if any of you were unlucky enough to find yourself at providence (57th & 8th i think?- i had to work there once) on a saturday ....this is a scary thought. at one point i was in the bathroom and some b&t trash girl was complaining to her friend about her cousin who was "a real italian , from ITALY...ya know? he speaks it and everything....he's so weird"
  7. aww computerjockey i found this kid cameron from your pictures who was in one of my classes at nyu last semester....he looks fabulous .kudos
  8. ummm the countless amazing nyc women who are without significant others. i have had about 10 depressing text messages from girlfriends already today lol... at least it's snowing and we will not have to come in contact with all you "happy" people. but to those who are in love...have a beautiful day/ night.
  9. http://nymag.com/news/features/27845/index.html
  10. 17 year old on Sat. Night

    you sound like a normal cool girl and im in such a good mood today so if u private message me ill let u know a couple places im going on saturday and u can come with so long as you have some sort of id
  11. Need Help, Very Important

    le souk is a great idea.... i love that place and mondays lately have been awesome.
  12. Guido trash: subhuman garbage or aliens?

    i see it this way....If you're a young guy and you like to go out but you're not rich....you don't have many options... you can stay at sucky bars....or you can dress up and spike ur hair (which will attract an abudance of Certain girls) and pretend ur rich at a wack-but thinks its hot club ....like aer for example
  13. Guido trash: subhuman garbage or aliens?

    i think its a funny party of tri state area life...like no one else in the world has their kind....well i mean it spread in this country i guess but nothin like the otherborough ginnys
  14. Guido trash: subhuman garbage or aliens?

    why do the bother you though?..it doesn't seem like u go to the types of places they frequent
  15. Guido trash: subhuman garbage or aliens?

    i know exactly what u mean....but just to play devil's advocate... from going up with a hellalot of guidos (north jersey) , if u go to high school with them and inevitably become friends with them....it's not like they're subhuman....they're deffinetly a product of their environment (and if u press them hard enough some have some very intelligent conversation!)...and they have some good common traits like looking out for their friends, loyalty, entertainment (especially when they dance) just thinking of this cuz im drunk and just got back from cielo and it was the biggest guido crowd i've EVER seen there...but still awesome time...hex hector not as bad as i remembered